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Burning Desire

Burning Desire

Relentless Aaron

St. Martin's Griffin



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Dante Garrett learned the handyman trade from watching his late grandfather and his father hard at work. Painting, carpentry, and plumbing were among his talents, to the point that he became one of the most wanted men in Park Chester—but not without ducking and dodging some of the horny housewives who were his clients. In fact, Dante goes to great lengths to keep from crossing the line that separates him from clients such as the wispy Ms. Thomas and the regal Mrs. Singletary. It's when he falls head over heels for a client's niece, Stacy, that Dante's life begins to change.

Stacy is single and recently relocated from Atlanta, Georgia, in search of opportunities that the big city has to offer. But there are skeletons in her closet that she dare not reveal. And while Dante stands by Stacy through thick and thin, he soon discovers that not all secrets can remain hidden.


Burning Desire


IT WAS SOMETHING to be proud of, how I'd made a name for myself, even if it wasn't merely hard work and focus that got me here. And, in the back of my mind, that's...


Praise for Burning Desire

"In his 13th novel, Aaron (Rappers ’R in Danger) offers more of what his readers clamor for: deceit, drama, ironic plot twists and steamy sex scenes." - Publishers Weekly

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Relentless Aaron

Relentless Aaron lives in Atlanta, Georgia. The author is currently producing short films and working on a series of books to add to his existing catalog of thirty novels.

Relentless Aaron

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