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The Inheritance

The Inheritance

A Novel

Annabel Dilke

St. Martin's Griffin



Trade Paperback

A sweeping, modern tale of love, betrayal, and decline among the British aristocracy.

At their magnificent estate, the Chandlers cling to the trappings of aristocracy in 1960s England. Beautiful eighteen-year-old Alice is marrying the heir to another fortune and her sister Eve has won a place at Oxford. But their charmed lives are not all they seem. Alice is having an affair with a handsome but disreputable lover. Her father is a philanderer whose chronic infidelity pushes his wife Felicity into the arms of another man. And Eve's academic future is cut short by an act of betrayal. Nearly forty years later, Felicity remembers that long-ago wedding day when their lives changed forever.

Wonderfully sympathetic, funny and beguiling, Annabel Dilke's The Inheritance is the story of an unusual family and very unexpected twists of fate. Intensely human and brilliantly drawn, it will shock, delight and completely seduce you.


Chapter One

Alice awoke early on her wedding day and, through her flimsy curtains, sensed stillness and brilliance, and knew that her mother's prayers had been answered.

From the depths of the house she could hear the grumpy...


Praise for The Inheritance

“Psychologically reminiscent of John Cheever's haunting short story ‘The Swimmer.' Dilke's mastery of manipulating chronology for optimum emotional effect is breathtaking.” —The Washington Post

“Wonderfully picturesque . . . deliciously over-the-top.” —The New York Times

“[Dilke] has a wonderful eye for telling details of place and person and a brisk way of summing up a character in a line.” —The Boston Globe

“Marvelous novel . . . really first class. Authentic and sharp, every word rings true.” —Rosamunde Pilcher, author of The Shell Seekers, September, and Coming Home

“Exquisitely written . . . a lovely, absorbing story.” —Elizabeth Buchan, author of Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman

“[A] blend of unblinking candor and wry compassion.” —James Lipton, creator and host of Inside the Actors Studio and author of An Exaltation of Larks

About the author

Annabel Dilke

Annabel Dilke is a novelist, journalist, and screenwriter whose books have been shortlisted for numerous awards. The Inheritance was her first book published in the United States. She lives in South London.

Annabel Dilke

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