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Eyes of a Child

Eyes of a Child

Richard North Patterson

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A man has been found dead, a gun still wedged in his mouth. It looks like Ricardo Arias killed himself…but the physical evidence tells a different story. The police investigation turns up all sorts of troubling data—a bitter estrangement between Ricardo and his wife, Terri; an ugly custody battle over their six-year-old daughter, Elena; charges of child molestation. And before long there's a murder suspect: San Francisco defense attorney and political hopeful Christopher Paget.

But where's the motive? It could be that Paget is Terri's new lover. Or that Paget's own teenage son is the one who's accused of abusing Elena. But a series of long-hidden secrets—on both sides of the case—are slowly rising to the surface…and threaten to explode in the courtroom, where the final verdict will be delivered. Where the truth about what really happened to Ricardo Arias will either be revealed—or buried for good...



Ricardo Arias's face filled with fear and disbelief.

"If you're going to kill yourself," the intruder repeated softly, "you must leave a note."

Richie's eyes would not move from the gun. Pulled from damp and darkness, it...


Praise for Eyes of a Child

“Patterson grabs the reader by the scruff of the neck and holds him until the very last page...The Spire might just be his best to date.” —Tucson Citizen on The Spire

“Intriguing…we can't read fast enough to reach the finale.” —San Francisco Chronicle on The Spire

“gripping…A page turner with multiple twists and a well-earned conclusion at once shocking and inevitable.” —Richmond Times Dispatch on The Spire

“A page-turner.” —The New York Times Book Review on Degree of Guilt

“Compulsively readable.” —People on Degree of Guilt

“One intense courtroom clash after another...An intelligent and gripping thriller.” —The Washington Post on Degree of Guilt

“Flamboyant and entertaining.” —The Boston Globe on Degree of Guilt

“Electrifying.” —The Cleveland Plain Dealer on Degree of Guilt

“One of the year's best thrillers…Superb characterizations and intense dialogue make this utterly compelling reading.” —Library Journal on Degree of Guilt

“Absorbing.” —Publishers Weekly on Degree of Guilt

“Passionate…exciting [and] eye-opening, page by page.” —Washington Post on Eclipse

“Compelling and credible…guaranteed to rouse you to thought.” —Richmond Times-Dispatch on Eclipse

“This stellar legal thriller both informs and entertains… Patterson has exerted all his considerable skill in creating a nightmare atmosphere that will cling to readers long after the last page is turned.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review) on Eclipse

“A satisfying fable that pits a hero who deeply believes in the rule of law against a violent, lawless regime that holds all the cards.” —Kirkus Reviews on Eclipse

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About the author

Richard North Patterson

RICHARD NORTH PATTERSON is the author of The Spire, Degree of Guilt, Eclipse, The Race, Exile, and more than a dozen other bestselling and critically acclaimed novels. Formerly a trial lawyer, he was the SEC liaison to the Watergate special prosecutor and has served on the boards of several Washington advocacy groups. He lives on Martha's Vineyard and in San Francisco and Cabo San Lucas with his wife, Dr. Nancy Clair.

Richard North Patterson

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