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Thanks for Nothing, Nick Maxwell

Thanks for Nothing, Nick Maxwell

Debbie Carbin

St. Martin's Griffin



Trade Paperback

Rachel Covington is twenty-five, sexy, single, and smug. Her life is a glorious whirl of looking fabulous and toying with gorgeous men. So it's obvious to everyone that she and the hottest guy in her office, Nick Maxwell, are destined to hook up—but what happens after that is a little less obvious.

First, Nick stops calling her—her, Rachel!—and then she discovers that there's something even worse than being dumped: It's being dumped and pregnant. Suddenly, she's faced with a choice she never expected—does she keep the baby and start thinking about someone besides herself, or try to go back to the way things were?

Brilliantly funny, with a wonderfully fresh and original voice, Thanks for Nothing, Nick Maxwell is a smart, romantic novel about love, relationships, and knowing when it's time to start growing up.


"Last year I was happy, hurtling through my life in a dizzying tornado of hot dates, sexy outfits and dirty dancing, in flashy cars and happening hot spots with slick lipstick and must-have hair, lights bright on my highlights, surrounded by gorgeous...


Praise for Thanks for Nothing, Nick Maxwell

“Debbie Carbin is a fresh and entertaining new voice in women's fiction. With an engaging style and an unrivaled sense of humor, she holds the reader willingly captive until the very last page. Do you see me sitting on my couch, reading this book until 3:00 in the morning? Notice how I just can't put it down. That's how much I loved it!” —Jessica Brody, author of The Fidelity Files

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About the author

Debbie Carbin

DEBBIE CARBIN, a 30-something mother-of-two, lives in Kent, England. Thanks For Nothing, Nick Maxwell is her first novel.

Debbie Carbin

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