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Naked in Baghdad

Naked in Baghdad

The Iraq War and the Aftermath as Seen by NPR's Correspondent Anne Garrels

Anne Garrels; With Letters by Vint Lawrence



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As National Public Radio's much loved and respected senior foreign correspondent Anne Garrels has covered conflicts in Chechnya, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq. In Naked in Baghdad she reveals how as one of only sixteen non-embedded journalists who stayed in the now legendary Palestine Hotel throughout the American invasion she managed to deliver the most immediate, insightful and independent reports with unparalleled vividness and immediacy.
Her evolving relationship with her Iraqi driver/minder Amer, and the wonderful e-mail bulletins sent to friends by her husband, Vint Lawrence, counterpoint the daily events of her life in Baghdad, and result in a deeply moving, and intimate portrait by one of bravest and most enlightening news reporters.

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Naked in Baghdad by Anne Garrels--Audiobook Excerpt

Listen to this audiobook excerpt from Anne Garrels' book Naked in Baghdad: The Iraq War as Seen by NPR's Correspondent Anne Garrels, narrated by the author and by Vint Lawrence. As NPR's senior foreign correspondent, Anne Garrels has covered conflicts in Chechnya, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. She is renowned for the direct, down-to-earth reportage and her independent-minded insight into what she observes.


Praise for Naked in Baghdad

“Anne Garrels is one of America's most insightful and courageous journalists.” —Tom Brokaw, NBC News

“It is fascinating to read about the frustrations, large and small, of an intrepid female reporter.” —Los Angeles Times Book Review

“By telling the story of the Iraqi invasion in human terms, Garrels has given us an insider's look at war in all its complexity and terror.” —The Seattle Times

“Anyone who heard Anne Garrels report from Iraq will recognize the warm, gritty style of Naked in Baghdad . . . Her husband Vint's e-mail dispatches about Annie's fortunes add substance and a breezy grace.” —O Magazine

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About the author

Anne Garrels; With Letters by Vint Lawrence

Anne Garrels has been a foreign correspondent for NPR since 1988. She is the recipient of numerous major awards including the International Women's Media Foundation's Courage in Journalism in 2003.

Anne Garrels

Anne Garrels

Vint Lawrence

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