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Fire and Knowledge

Fire and Knowledge

Fiction and Essays

Péter Nádas; Translated from the Hungarian by Imre Goldstein



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A New York Times Book Review Editors' Choice

The U.S. publication of A Book of Memories in 1997 introduced to our shores the work of an extraordinary novelist, Péter Nádas. Now, in Fire and Knowledge, a superb collection of short stories, essays, and literary criticism, we discover other aspects of Nádas's major presence in European life and letters: as a trenchant commentator on the events that have transformed Europe since 1989, as a stunning literary critic, and as a subtle interpreter of language and politics in societies both free and unfree. Here, in full, is a rich and rewarding compilation of brilliantly original, touching, witty, and thought-provoking works by one of our greatest living writers.


Praise for Fire and Knowledge

“The stories are effortlessly wonderful. The essays are more chewy--what one imagines Milan Kundera might sound like before his first cup of coffee. . . . [Nádas] has Lawrence's symbolic facility without his thumping self-consciousness, and an endless tenderness for the detail of overlooked lives. . . . Every story here reminds us that fiction can tell the truth as well as nonfiction--or even better.” —The New York Times Book Review

“[Nádas] has quickly been canonized as a latter-day Eastern European Proust or Mann. . . . This gently chaotic and revealing scrapbook is a must-have for serious European literature collections.” —Booklist

“Highly recommended . . . Nádas gives readers page after page of thought-provoking and deeply insightful intellectual enjoyment as well as a soul-baring glimpse into his internal struggles with such issues as capital punishment, depression, writing, religion, and fate. . . . Readers will be drawn into the very private lives of his characters, investing themselves in their every word and deed.” —Library Journal

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Péter Nádas; Translated from the Hungarian by Imre Goldstein

Péter Nádas is the author of the novels A Book of Memories, The End of a Family Story, and Love. He lives in Gombosszeg, in western Hungary.

Péter Nádas

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Péter Nádas

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