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Winter Break

Winter Break

A Novel

Kayla Perrin

St. Martin's Griffin



Trade Paperback

I knew it wasn't true. It couldn't be. . . . And yet, I couldn't help staring at him, wondering. However fleeting, there was the slightest hint of doubt in my mind.

Didi Randall doesn't think her life can get much worse than public humiliation when her boyfriend is the subject of a vicious rumor on campus. Despite their four-year relationship, the rumor puts a wedge between her and Drake, but Didi is hopeful that they can reconnect on the winter break cruise. She, Drake, and a handful of Lan-U students will be sailing the high seas of the Caribbean just before the start of the New Year and new semester.

The cruise turns out to anything but happy and carefree when ugly secrets and grudges between friends are revealed. But Didi's troubles go beyond simple public humiliation when she wakes up on deck early in the morning, disoriented, and then learns that Drake is missing. It quickly becomes clear that he must have gone overboard. But was it an accident—or was it murder?


Chapter One

Two weeks later …
HER BODY TURNED UP three days after she was last seen. Everyone assumed that Rachel Jepson had gotten into her car and simply taken off. That she'd headed to her sister's place in New York....


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