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The Runners' Repair Manual

The Runners' Repair Manual

A Complete Program for Diagnosing and Treating Your Foot, Leg and Back Problems

Dr. Murray F. Weisenfeld with Barbara Burr

St. Martin's Griffin


Trade Paperback

The Runners' Repair Manual is the resource every runner needs to prevent and treat running-related injuries. Podiatrist Murray F. Weisenfeld offers crucial advice on injury prevention, explains the nature of common injuries, and provides clear, detailed advice for treating injuries. Easy to read and full of information, The Runners' Repair Manual will quickly become your go-to resource.


Praise for The Runners' Repair Manual

“Murray Weisenfeld loves working with runners and dealing with their problems. His book is filled with evidence of that care and interest. I found the pages packed with practical, hard to find, and hard earned information for the injured runner.” —Dr. George Sheehan, author of Running and Being

“No one understands runners' injuries like Murray Weisenfeld-- and he explains it all simply, with no medicalese. He tells you, step by step, how to diagnose your aches and pains and precisely how to treat them yourself.” —Fred Lebow, President of the New York Road Runners' Club

The Runners' Repair Manual is full of useful tips on the prevention and cure of running injuries that took me years to learn. Easy to work into any normal, busy and demanding life, Murray Weisenfeld's commonsense advice will help to keep runners running by showing them how to treat themselves effectively.” —Craig Virgin, Winner of 10,000-meter event, U.S. Olympic Trials, 1980

“In simple and succinct terms, Dr. Weisenfeld discusses the most common and often most nagging running injuries, their causes, treatments, and possible measures to prevent them. Most importantly, The Runners' Repair Manual teaches runners to be aware of their bodies' signals and how to read them to minimize the risk of injury.” —Ellison Goodall, International cross country competitor

“There's nothing more depressing to a runner than having an injury that keeps you from running. Dr. Weisenfeld's book can minimize, reduce, or help eliminate those horrible non-running days by telling you exactly how to handle virtually all the injuries we runners suffer.” —Kathy Switzer, First Woman to run in the Boston Marathon

“I have acquired many aches and pains over the years without knowing their causes or their cures. But after reading The Runners' Repair Manual, everything seems clear and simple. Dr. Weisenfeld's book is a very handy and beneficial guide for all joggers, runners and even world class racers.” —Don Paige, Winner of 800-meter event, U.S. Olympic Trials, 1980

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Dr. Murray F. Weisenfeld with Barbara Burr

Dr. Murray F. Weisenfeld is the co-author of The Runner's Repair Manual.

Murray F. Weisenfeld

Murray F. Weisenfeld

Barbara Burr

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