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The Wooden Sea

The Wooden Sea

A Novel

Jonathan Carroll

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From the moment a three-legged dog limps into the life of Police Chief Frannie McCabe and drops dead at his feet, McCabe finds himself in a new world of disturbing miracles. His small town of Crane's View, New York has long been a haven of harmony and comfort--but now he finds himself afflicted by the inexplicable, by omens that converge to throw his life into doubt. And what he does over the next few days may have consequences for the whole world . . . .

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World Fantasy Award - Finalist


Old Vertue

Never buy yellow clothes or cheap leather. That's my credo and there are more. Know what I like to see? People killing themselves. Don't misunderstand; I'm not talking about the poor fucks who jump out windows or stick...


Praise for The Wooden Sea

“Jonathan Carroll has the magic. He'll lend you his eyes, and you'll never see the world in quite the same way ever again.” —Neil Gaiman

“A surrealistic yarn told so frankly it seems wholly plausible.” —U.S. News and World Report

“Jonathan Carroll is as scary as Hitchcock, when he isn't being as funny as Jim Carrey. If you've never read this wonderful fantasist, buy this book. You'll stay up all night and thank me in the morning.” —Stephen King

“His beguiling, impossible novels are like Frank Capra films torn open to reveal the Philip K. Dick or Julio Cortazar mechanisms ticking away at their cores. The Wooden Sea is one of his funniest, stranging, and most melancholy offerings.” —Jonathan Lethem

“Though critics may try, there's no way to pigeonhole The Wooden Sea. The novel includes time travel, religious doctrine, philosophy, talking animals, reincarnation, juvenile delinquency, murder, and megalomania. But mostly it's a great love story in which the protagonist is willing to give up everything for the woman he loves.” —The Rocky Mountain News

The Wooden Sea is a treat, and I'm heading out to look for more Jonathan Carroll titles. Frannie, the worldly war-stung small town cop, hits classic status for me. His luminously hard-boiled American voice is smart, funny, and devastatingly decent. Kind of guy you're glad to follow anywhere--even into the strange zones of The Wooden Sea.” —Katherine Dunn

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About the author

Jonathan Carroll

Jonathan Carroll has written 13 novels, a short story collection, and a number of film scripts. He has won the World Fantasy award, British Fantasy award, French Fantasy award (twice), and the Bram Stoker award. He has lived in Vienna, Austria for three decades with his wife Beverly and immortal bullterrier, Jack the Idiot.

Jonathan Carroll

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