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Mansions of Darkness

Mansions of Darkness

A Novel of the Count Saint-Germain

St. Germain (Volume 9)

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

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Ambitious in its scope and provocative in its content, the saga of Count Saint-Germain is a monumental feat of the imagination. Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's powerful and evocative novels have captured Saint-Germain throughout his long existence, from the temples of ancient Eygpt to our present century.

Now the count's endless travels bring him to seventeenth-century Peru, where he finds solace for his loneliness in the arms of an Incan priestess. But mighty Spain has conquered the Incan people--and brought the dreaded attention of the Holy Inquisition to the New World.



It was a splendid afternoon for early September; spring was finally taking hold of the mountains, and flowers were everywhere, turning the slopes from green to a brightly mottled pattern of red and orange and sunset pink. From...


Praise for Mansions of Darkness

“Yarbro's creation, Count Saint-Germain, has evolved into quite an intriguing character as her novels have followed his adventures through the centuries. He's far more introspective and ethical than Anne Rice's more famous and flamboyant vampire, Lestat.” —Amarillo Globe-News

“Take the time to read one of the Saint-Germain stories and you'll be grateful. You'll also be hooked for life.” —Scripps Howard News Service

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About the author

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's interests range from music--she composes and has studied seven different instruments as well as voice--to history, from horseback riding to needlepoint. Her writing is similarly wide-ranging; under her own name and pseudonyms, she has written everything from westerns to mysteries, from science fiction to nonfiction history.

Yarbro's critically-acclaimed historical horror novels featuring the Count Saint-Germain, including Hotel Transylvania, A Feast in Exile, Communion Blood, and Night Blooming, have a loyal readership. Chelsea Quinn Yarbro has always lived in California and currently makes her home in the Berkeley area.

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

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