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Star Child

Star Child

Claire A. Nivola

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The Star Child, a tiny flame of vapor, invisible and timeless, watches the Earth from far, far away. He marvels at the blue swirls of the ocean and the green land, a bright spot turning through the darkness of space. He wants to go to this wondrous place, but he ponders: What will that life be like?

"You will be plunged into Earth's river of time," his elders tell the Star Child.

"There will be so much for you to learn and so much for you to feel—pleasure and fear, joy and disappointment, sadness and wonder."

Through spare, artful text and intricate illustrations, Claire A. Nivola celebrates the cycle of life.
A Frances Foster Book


Praise for Star Child

“This feels like an ardent exposition of a personal and heartfelt vision, and while some may not connect to its cosmic scope, those with a penchant for ethereal musings will find comfort and inspiration.” —The Horn Book

“An unusual and deeply moving interpretation of the cycle of life.” —Booklist

Star Child is "a flame of vapor, invisible and timeless," living somewhere far off in outer space where he longs to visit the distant planet Earth. Told in a small pretty volume, his story consists mainly of his elders' explanation of what he will experience if he is born as a human and lives on earth.” —School Library Journal

“A fanciful, thoughtful examination of a life well-lived.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Behind Nivola's fable is a comforting theology, one that views human life and death as an interlude in a celestial existence that continues indefinitely.” —Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

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About the author

Claire A. Nivola

Claire A. Nivola has written and illustrated many books for children, including most recently Life in the Ocean, which received three starred reviews. She is also the author of Planting the Trees of Kenya, a picture book about Nobel laureate Wangari Maathai. She lives with her husband in Newton Highlands, Massachusetts.

Claire A. Nivola

Claire A. Nivola

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Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)

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