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The Great Turkey Walk

The Great Turkey Walk

Kathleen Karr

Square Fish


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Yeeeeeee-haw! Git along, little . . . turkeys?

Big, brawny Simon Green, who's just completed third grade (for the fourth time), may not be book smart, but he's nobody's fool. When it's time to be done with school and make his way in the world, Simon hatches a plan that could earn him a bundle. He intends to herd a huge flock of bronze turkeysall the way from his home in eastern Missouri to the boomtown of Denver, where they'll fetch a mighty price. In the year 1860, the hazards of such a trek are many - how does one shepherd the birds across a river, for instance? - but Simon is undaunted. Accompanied by a faithful drover, and eventually to be joined by two boon companions, he undertakes the biggest journey of his young life, in this high-spirited Wild Wild West adventure by an acclaimed author of historical fiction.

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Praise for The Great Turkey Walk

“Readers will gobble up Karr's hilarious novel of a boy who resolves to walk 1000 turkeys from the Show-Me state to Denver, Colorado. Simon, who's 15 and newly graduated from the thrid grade, may not be too bright, but he figures he can make his fortune by buying Mr. Buffey's brinze turkeys for a quarter apiece and selling them in Denver for $5 each...The gifted Karr has a cheerful, sassy down-home writing style and a perfect pitch for dialogue.” —Starred, Publishers Weekly

“Full of good humor and page-turning quest-style events...This novel begs to be read aloud.” —Starred, School Library Journal

“A wide-open western epic, inspired by actual drives and featuring a cast of capable young people.” —Kirkus Reviews

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About the author

Kathleen Karr

Kathleen Karr is the author of many novels for young readers, most recently Man of the Family. She lives with her family in Washington, D.C.

Kathleen Karr

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