Road-side Dog

Czeslaw Milosz; Translated by the Author and Robert Hass

Farrar, Straus and Giroux

"I went on a journey in order to acquaint myself with my province, in a two-horse wagon with a lot of fodder and a tin bucket rattling in the back. The bucket was required for the horses to drink from. I traveled through a country of hills and pine groves that gave way to woodlands, where swirls of smoke hovered over the roofs of houses, as if they were on fire, for they were chimneyless cabins; I crossed districts of fields and lakes. It was so interesting to be moving, to give the horses their rein, and wait until, in the next valley, a village slowly appeared, or a park with the white spot of a manor in it. And always we were barked at by a dog, assiduous in its duty. That was the beginning of the century; this is its . I have been thinking not only of the people who lived there once but also of the generations of dogs accompanying them in their everyday bustle, and one night-I don't know where it came from-in a pre-dawn sleep, that funny and tender phrase composed itself: a road-side dog." --Road-Side Dog


Praise for Road-side Dog

"A valorous and beautiful work . . . There are poems as haunting as any he has written. A delightful paperback edition of Milosz's poetry collection-a "valorous and beautiful work" --—Richard Eder, Los Angeles Times

"Nobody tells the story of this age better than Czeslaw Milosz . . . Road-side Dog is delightful."—Jaroslaw Anders, The New Republic

"An elusive as well as allusive work . . . A pleasure."—Richard Bernstein, The New York Times

"An end-of-the-century diary from one of the century's most important poets."—Christopher Merrill, San Francisco Chronicle

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  • Czeslaw Milosz; Translated by the Author and Robert Hass

  • Czeslaw Milosz received the 1978 Neustadt International Prize in Literature and the 1980 Nobel Prize in Literature. Since 1961 he has been a professor of Slavic languages and literature at the University of California at Berkeley.
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Road-side Dog

Czeslaw Milosz; Translated by the Author and Robert Hass

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