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The Rabbit

The Rabbit

Animal Lives

Sally Tagholm; Bert Kitchen




The realities of life in the wild for the rabbit -- being hunted by foxes and other predators, competing for food and mates -- are very different than those of its domesticated counterparts. Any child who adores the cuddly, furry bunnies of picture book lore, will appreciate this privileged look at the life of this appealing and shy animal. Finely detailed artwork, and an absorbing text make this an excellent gift or a treasured addition to any child's wildlife library.


Praise for The Rabbit

“This is a great book to introduce young children to the fascinating world of wild rabbits and will be enjoyed by young and old alike.” —Children's Literature

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About the author

Sally Tagholm; Bert Kitchen

Sally Tagholm's works include The Complete Book of the Night, The Barn Owl, and The Rabbit, both NSTS-CBC Outstanding Science Trade Books for Children (Kingfisher -- Animal Lives series), described by The Kirkus Reviews as "handsome, informative, inexpensive titles with outstanding illustrations." The Barn Owl, described by School Libary Journal as "an outstanding offering, " was also a National Association of Parenting Publications of America (NAPPA) award winner.

Sally Tagholm

Bert Kitchen

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