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Mi Primer Libro de Palabras

Mi Primer Libro de Palabras

Mi Primer Libro

Jeni Riley; Mandy Stanley



Trade Paperback

This bright and colorful picture word book is a perfect Spanish Language introduction to the exciting world of words and an appealing vocabulary-builder for young children. Toddlers and their parents will find this the ideal "look and say" picture word book, while slightly older children will find essential vocabulary they will need in their reading.

Special Features
- Bright, clear design
- Bold, child-friendly illustrations
- Helpful introductory tips for parents
- Completely in Spanish


Praise for Mi Primer Libro de Palabras

“Dr. Riley has given a bright, colorful wordbook to children and parents in their search for enjoyable learning of Spanish vocabulary...This book is easy to pick up because of all the colorful pictures. Perhaps it will help teach as well.” —Children's Literature

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About the author

Jeni Riley; Mandy Stanley

Dr. Jeni Riley is the head of Primary Education at the Institute of Education in London, England, and author of The Teaching of Reading: the Development of Literacy in the Early Years of School.

Mandy Stanley illustrated both the I Can Count and I Can Spell series and and the award-winning First Number Book and First Word Book, which were both Smithsonian magazine Notable Books for Children. She trained at Great Yarmouth College of Art and Design and Nottingham Polytechnic, where she gained a degree in fashion. She worked in children's wear for three years - since then, among other things, she has produced nursery sets for Mothercare, an award-winning range of toys for Boots and a range of books and other resources based on the 'Babe' character.

Jeni Riley

Mandy Stanley

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