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Time to See the Doctor

Time to See the Doctor

First-Time Stories

Heather Maisner; Kristina Stephenson



Trade Paperback

This charming new picture book series of heartwarming stories and illustrations will help prepare young children for new situations. The First-Time Stories series stars six-year-old Amy and her little brother, Ben, who—like all preschool children—have mixed feelings about first-time experiences. These gentle, warmly illustrated stories present a positive message about change and growing up. A must-have addition to every young family's library.

Ben has an earache, but he's too scared to let the doctor check him. When Amy volunteers to be examined and gets a sticker for being brave, Ben decides that maybe the doctor isn't so scary, after all!


Praise for Time to See the Doctor

“Bright watercolors help engage young readers, who will certainly identify with the story's protagonist. ” —Children's Literature

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About the author

Heather Maisner; Kristina Stephenson

Heather Maisner has worked as an editor, translator, and teacher and has written over 20 children's books. Her book The Magic Hourglass (Walker) was ALA Recommended. Kristina Stephenson is an illustrator for children's books and has worked in children's television as a designer, illustrator, and writer for the BBC.

Heather Maisner

Kristina Stephenson

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