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The Plague

The Plague

My Side of the Story

Philip Wooderson



Trade Paperback

My Side of the Story is a completely unique approach to historical fiction. Read the story of one youngster's life in turbulent times, then flip the book and find out firsthand how another child reacts to the conclusion of events-with very different feelings and ideas!

Rachel is a young girl living in London in 1665. The dreaded disease, the plague, is taking hold of the city, and everyone is fearful for his or her life. Rachel and her best friend, Robert, worry they might be next in line. Then the unthinkable happens-Rachel becomes infected . . .

Robert's father forbids him to see his best friend, Rachel, in case he falls victim to the plague too. But Robert won't just sit back and let his friend die. Can their friendship survive during this dark, dark hour in England's history?


Praise for The Plague

“An entertaining mixture of fiction and history with a bit of mystery and a hint of romance woven in.” —Children's Literature

“This historical fiction novel set in England in 1665 has strong characterization, vivid description, and political intrigue...This book is a vicarious trip into the past and a worthy purchase for middle teens.” —VOYA

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About the author

Philip Wooderson

Philip Wooderson has written more than twenty books for children, including the lighthearted Nile Files series and Trouble at the Mill, another book in the My Side of the Story series.

Philip Wooderson

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