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Kingfisher Encyclopedia of Everything

Kingfisher Encyclopedia of Everything

Kingfisher Encyclopedias

by Sean Callery, Clive Gifford, and Dr. Mike Goldsmith




This amazing 320-page universe-in-a-book is the perfect reference for home, school, or anywhere there is a question to be explored. Arranged thematically into ten core subjects, the concise text is clear, accurate, and easy to access. Designed with today's Web-savvy readers in mind, the eye-popping special effects on the cover will attract curious readers. Inside, the information on each page is enhanced by dynamic digital illustrations, the latest photography, step-by-step sequences, and plenty of interesting sidebars. No matter if the question is about the ancient past or technology that will take humankind into the future, young researchers will find the definitive answer here.

About the author

by Sean Callery, Clive Gifford, and Dr. Mike Goldsmith

Sean Callery is an author and elementary- school teacher. He has written several nonfiction books for children including Kingfisher's I Wonder Why There's a Hole in the Sky.

Clive Gifford has written more than one hundred nonfiction books for children on a wide range of subjects. He is the author of Kingfisher's Soccer Encyclopedia, Summer Olympics, Kingfisher Knowledge: Spies, and The Kingfisher Book of Living Worlds.

Dr. Mike Goldsmith studied the philosophy of time and space at Keele University in the U.K., where he received a PhD in astrophysics. Formerly the head of the U.K.'s National Physical Laboratory, he has written many nonfiction books for children, including Kingfisher's Voyages: Space, and Kingfisher Young Knowledge: Solar System.

Sean Callery

Clive Gifford

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