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The Purple Sluggy Worrywarts

The Purple Sluggy Worrywarts

Quentin Quirk's Magic Works

Quentin Quirk’s Magic Works (Volume 2)

by Matt Kain, illustrated by Jim Field



Trade Paperback

In desperate need of a talent for the local talent show, Jez and Charlie visit the Magical Emporium and set their sights on buying a Box of Tricks, believing it contains a variety of performing magic tricks. Instead, Mr. Quirk forces them to buy a jar of Worry Warts (slug-like hairy warts that suck worry out of people), but the boys get a hold of The Box of Tricks they think contains nothing but tricks. Will this box contain what they need or will more chaos and impending rescue ensue?


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About the author

by Matt Kain, illustrated by Jim Field

Matt Kain is the psuedonym of Kelly McKain, a vibrant voice in children's fiction. Kelly's specialty is creating winning series concepts including Totally Lucy, and Mermaid Rock.

Jim Field is an accomplished illustrator and animator. Purple Sluggy Woorywort is his first children's book with Kingfisher.

Matt Kain

Jim Field

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