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An Encyclopedia of Curious Phenomena, Strange Superstitions, and Ancient Mysteries

Judy Allen



Trade Paperback

Even with today's high-tech science, many events and ancient mysteries remain unexplained and surrounded by theories that stir the imagination and challenge scientific fact. This book systematically explores all aspects of the human fascination with the unknowable, from hauntings and the power of the mind, to physical mysteries such as lost civilizations, ancient superstitions and symbols, and the persistent ideas about life from other planets. Evocative illustrations and intriguing photographs, combined with riveting text by an award-winning author, shed light on the world's greatest mysteries.

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Praise for Unexplained

“A seamless combination of absorbing fact-filled text and stunning visuals in an investigation of mysteries that continue to baffle, tantalize, and spark endless debate. The book is divided into engaging subject areas as diverse as Hauntings, The Power of the Mind, Disappearances, and From Another Planet. Readers will pore over accessible and exciting entries about the sixth sense, premonitions, frog showers and fish falls, Atlantis, and crop circles. . . . The articles, which are complemented by a wealth of attractive black-and-white and color illustrations, discuss and define the phenomena, and provide firsthand accounts.” —School Library Journal

“This gripping guide to all things strange, weird and paranormal explores our obsession with the unexplainable...” —Books for Growing Minds

“Do you need that right gift for a middle aged reader who has a birthday right around Halloween? This book could be that present.” —Children's Literature

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About the author

Judy Allen

Judy Allen is an award-winning author whose novel Awaiting Developments was short-listed for the Whitbread Children's Novel Award. Judy Allen and illustrator Tudor Humphries created Kingfisher's award-winning Backyard Books series and many other successful books, including the Reading Rainbow selections Tiger and Seal.

Nick Harris has been a full-time Illustrator for 20 years, working mainly on books. He has also had forays into the world of animated TV advertising as well as being an integral part of the small background department for the feature film Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Richard Hook is a internationally acclaimed artist, renowned for his paintings of native American culture. As well as illustrating many historical books for adults and children, he has illustrated a beautiful picture book called Where's the Dragon?

Patricia Ludlow has illustrated many children's books, including many on fairies and dragons.

Judy Allen

Judy Allen

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