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Discover Science: Oceans and Seas

Discover Science: Oceans and Seas

Discover Science

by Nicola Davies



Trade Paperback

Make science accessible with this essential series that will capture children's imagination while laying the foundation for future learning. With age-appropriate language and an eye-catching design,Discover Science gives young readers the answers to fundamental questions about the human body, animals, planet Earth and the Solar System.

Go on a breath-taking tour of the wide oceans and seas with Discover Science: Oceans and Seas by Nicola Davies.

There is a lot to discover in the ocean—after all, two -thirds of Earth is covered by water! What kinds of animals live in shallow tropical reefs; what creatures lurk near the deepest ocean floor? How do humans affect sea life, and what mysteries are scientists still trying to solve? A parent and teacher guide, craft activities, and a glossary and index enhance this useful reference book.


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About the author

by Nicola Davies

Nicola Davies is a writer, zoologist and television presenter, and lives in Devon, England. She began her career studying geese and humpbacked whales and then became a researcher and presenter of the BBC's The Really Wild Show. Since then she has written many children's books on everything from human biology, blue whales and turtles to bats, owls and climate change. She also teaches creative writing to BA and MA students.

Nicola Davies

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