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Flip The Flaps: Pets

Flip The Flaps: Pets

Flip the Flaps

By Hannah Wilson, illustrated by John Butler



Trade Paperback

Now available in paperback, Flip the Flaps is a fun way for young children to discover the answers to questions about their favorite subjects, while also flipping the flaps and spotting the scence changes.

Flip The Flaps: Pets by Hannah Wilson, illustrated by John Butler

Preschoolers will uncover useful and fascinating facts about beloved pets in this addition to the Flip the Flaps series, which takes an interactive spin on the ever-popular I Wonder Why books. Every spread features a flap that asks the kind of questions children ask about a different (and adorable) domesticated animal. When the flap is flipped to reveal the answers, the artwork magically changes.


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About the author

By Hannah Wilson, illustrated by John Butler

Hannah Wilson has edited and ghost-written children's books, both nonfiction and fiction, for over 10 10 years, and has recently started writing in her own name. Her first love is animals, and she has penned books about puppies, wildlife photographers and reptiles. Hannah lives in Paris with her family.

John Butler has been illustrating children's books for 30 years. He is particularly recognized for his animal illustrations for which he has won a number of awards in the US and United Kingdom.

Hannah Wilson

John Butler

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