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Thinner Than Thou

Thinner Than Thou

Kit Reed

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In the tomorrow of Thinner Than Thou, the cult of the body has become the one true religion. The Dedicated Sisters are a religious order sworn to help anorexic, bulimic, and morbidly obese youth. Throughout the land, houses of worship have been replaced by the health clubs of the Crossed Triceps. And through hypnotically powerful evangelical infomercials, the Reverend Earl preaches the heaven of the Afterfat, where you will look like a Greek god and can eat anything you want. Just sign over your life savings and come to Sylphania, the most luxurious weight-loss spa in the world, where the Reverend himself will personally supervise your attainment of physical perfection.
But the glory of youth and thinness that America worships conceals a hidden world where teens train for the competitive eating circuit, where fat porn and obese strippers feed people's dark desires, and where an underground railroad of rebellious religions remember when people worshipped God instead of the Afterfat.
As Annie, an anorexic, and her friend Kelly, who is so massive she can barely walk, find out, the tender promises of the Dedicated Sisters are fulfilled by forced feedings and enforced starvation in hidden prisons.
As middle-aged Jeremy discovers, Sylphania is a concentration camp where failure to lose weight and tone up leads to brutal punishment.
The Rev. Earl's public sympathy for the overweight conceals a private contempt . . . and, beneath that, a terrible longing known only to a select few.
The inevitable decay of old age is the only thing keeping mankind from reaching perfection. Luckily, Reverend Earl has a plan that will take care of that . . . .

ALA Alex Awards Winner (Adult for Young Adults)



When you're alone in your mind you may think you're special, but you're only ever another dumb person driving around inside that stupid body. It's no better than a car dealer's loaner, you know? Forget...


Praise for Thinner Than Thou

“Health clubs replace houses of worship in Reed's not-so-science-fiction novel Thinner Than Thou.” —Vanity Fair

“A clever what-if, Reed's tale is provocative as well as amusing.” —People

“Sink your teeth into this delicious story, a wild, irresistible ride through a not implausible dystopic future.” —M. G. Lord, New York Times bestselling author of Forever Barbie

“'Super-Size Me' meets 'Soylent Green.'” —Entertaintment Weekly

“A mordant vision of a brave new world where religion is rooted in the worship of one's body as a sacred temple utterly free from the fleshy sins of flab. Reed serves a feast of entertaining food for thought.” —The Associated Press

“A compelling novel [that] captures the pain, emptiness, and absurdity of the quest for physical perfection but opens the possibility of liberation from this tyranny. This provocative and engaging book is a must-read for anyone concerned about our culture's increasing obsession with physical appearance.” —Ruth Striegel-Moore, co-author of Eating Disorders: Innovative Directions in Research and Practice

“In a world of Dr Atkins, facelifts, botox and eating disorders, this nightmare vision hits the pressure points like acupuncture. Multi-faceted, witty, and endlessly inventive.” —Geoff Ryman

“This satire on the Obese Society, the slimming industry and materialistic religion is Reed at her mordant best.” —Michael Moorcock

“Darkly humorous and unsettling, this is an important book that warns us where society's chpressure to be young, thin, and beautiful could lead.” —Romantic Times

“Stinging and mordantly witty.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“My first reaction after reading the book was to think, 'How horrifying!' My second thought, almost immediately following the first, was: 'That future is not very far off.'” —The Chicago Sun-Times

“Serves up its hard truths and caustic commentary with large helpings of humor and intelligence. Thinner Than Thou is highly recommended to all, including readers with eating disorders-but then, is there anyone in this culture who doesn't have issues with food?” —Pamela Sargent on

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About the author

Kit Reed

Kit Reed has received a Guggenheim fellowship and an Aspen Institute Rockefeller Fellowship. Her books include Weird Women, Wired Women; Seven for the Apocalypse; Magic Time. Her short fiction has been published everywhere from The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction to The Yale Review.
Reed has been nominated for the World Fantasy Award, and collections of her short fiction have been finalists for the James W. Tiptree Award. Kit Reed lives in Middletown, CT and teaches at Wesleyan University.

Kit Reed

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