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Western Legends

Western Legends

To the Last Man, The Mysterious Rider, The Lone Star Ranger

Zane Grey

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Three classics of the western genre by the greatest of its founders

Zane Grey is the most famous writer in westerns, a founder of the genre. His works have been made into more than one hundred movies and his stories have endured for a century, influencing all others in the genre.

Three fine, characteristic works are included in this omnibus: To the Last Man, the story of Arizona's Pleasant Valley War—an historic brutal family feud that ended in universal slaughter; The Mysterious Rider, a romantic adventure featuring Hell Bent Wade, a basically good man with a violent temper that leads him to murder—and redemption; and The Lone Star Ranger, the tale of a youth turned gunman turned Texas Ranger—and perhaps the spark that inspired that mythic character, The Lone Ranger.


Praise for Western Legends

“[Grey] knows the West.” —The New York Herald

“[A] masterpiece of its kind…. Replete, rounded, rich in every feature which pertains to the genre in question. [Grey] reaches out to the full length of his stride.” —Publishers Weekly on The Mysterious Rider

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Zane Grey

Zane Grey, the bestselling author of sixty-five Western novels, is one of the most recognized and respected writers of Western fiction. His works have been translated into twenty-three languages and have been made into more than one hundred movies. Even today, in both hardcover and paperback, his fiction remains extremely popular.

Zane Grey

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