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At the heart of Tamson House is the Wood. And in that Wood is the Mystery

Tamson House, in modern, urban Ottawa, is a rambling, eccentric curiosity of a house—and a place of hidden Power. Built at a point where the leylines meet, upon land that was once a sacred site, it is the gateway to a spirit world where Celtic and Native American magicks mingle and leak into our own.

In the overgrown garden of Tamson House, a Coyote Man waits, green children walk, and music rises to greet the moon. From the garden, a vast and primal wood is just one spirit-step away... and in that wood is something that threatens the very existence of Tamson House, and all who dwell within.

Charles de Lint returns to the spirit-world of his bestselling Moonheart in a splendid work of urban fantasy, bringing myth, music, and magic into our modern world.


Praise for Spiritwalk

“A rich and believable blend. [de Lint] again displays his talent for fluid cross-world fantasy.” —Library Journal

“To discover de Lint's writing in Spiritwalk is to be lured into a compelling world of bikers, fairies, tricksters, shamans, and secret, invisible passages to other worlds. ” —Edmonton Journal

“For more than a decade, Charles de Lint has enjoyed a reputation as one of the world's leading fantasists, thanks largely to his enchanting 1984 novel Moonheart. Now, at last, de Lint re-weaves the spell in Spiritwalk, a sequel that ranks among the spring's top releases.... Deftly and repeatedly crosses back and forth between dimensions to create a unique tone that links familiarity with compelling foreignness. Newcomers to de Lint's work should also note that Spiritwalk is a self-contained novel that's firmly linked to Moonheart, but can easily be enjoyed on its own. ” —Toronto Star

“Deftly blends native American and Celtic folklore, classic good versus- evil conflicts, and contemporary elements with tender human moments. ” —Booklist

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