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The Haunting of Twentieth-Century America

The Haunting of Twentieth-Century America

From the Nazis to the New Millennium

The Haunting of America

Joel Martin and William J. Birnes

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In this sequel to The Haunting of America, national bestselling authors Joel Martin and William J. Birnes bring up to the present the story of how paranormal events influenced and sometimes even drove political events. In unearthing the roots of America's fascination with the ghosts, goblins, and demons that possess our imaginations and nightmares, Martin and Birnes show how the paranormal has driven America's political, public, and militarypolicies. The authors examine the social history of the United States through the lens of the paranormal and investigate the spiritual events that inspired momentous national decisions: UFOs that frightened the nation's military into launching nuclear bomber squadrons toward the Soviet Union, out-of-body experiences used to gather sensitive intelligence on other countries, and even spirits summoned to communicate with living politicians.

The Haunting of Twentieth-Century America is a thrilling evidencebased exploration of the often unexpected influences of the paranormal on science, medicine, law, the government, the military, psychology, theology, death and dying, spirituality, and pop culture.


Haunting of Twentieth-Century America, The

The Dark Side of the Paranormal: The Nazis and the Occult
If a way to the better there be, it lies in taking a full look at the worst.
--THOMAS HOOD (1799-1845)



Praise for The Haunting of Twentieth-Century America

“Covering chicanery and conjurers, demons and guardian angels, skeptics and believers...Birnes and Martin have produced an informative and entertaining overview that will leave fans of the occult eager for future collaborations by these authors.” —Publishers Weekly

“Anyone interested in ghosts, bogeymen, or anything else that goes bump in the night won't want to miss this one. Birnes and Martin's The Haunting of America says it all. This is the real X-Files, and a frightfully good read!” —Brian Lumley, author of the Necroscope series

About the author

Joel Martin and William J. Birnes

JOEL MARTIN is nationally recognized as a paranormal expert and bestselling author. Since the early 1970s, Joel has been a radio talk show host. As a TV talk show host, he won the Cable Ace Award. As an investigative reporter about the paranormal and psychic phenomena, he discovered internationally renowned medium George Anderson, and exposed the Amityville Horror as a hoax. Joel is also a network TV consultant about the paranormal and has made many TV appearances.

WILLIAM J. BIRNES is the New York Times bestselling coauthor of The Day After Roswell. He is the star of the History Channel's UFO Hunters.

William J. Birnes

Joel Martin

Joel Martin

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