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Book Four of the Hythrun Chronicles

The Hythrun Chronicles (Volume 4)

Jennifer Fallon

Tor Fantasy



Mass Market Paperbound

Marla Wolfblade of Hythria is determined to restore her family's great name, but conspirators surround her: the Sorcerers' Collective, the Patriots -- even members of her own family. She must make sure her son Damin lives to be old enough to restore the Wolfblade name to its former glory.

Elezaar the Dwarf is a small man with big secrets -- but that doesn't matter to Marla Wolfblade. Her brother is the High Prince of Hythria, and, in this fiercely patriarchal society, her fate will be decided on his whim. She needs someone politically astute to guide her through the maze of court politics -- and Elezaar the Dwarf knows more than he lets on.

As Elezaar teaches Marla the Rules of Gaining and Wielding Power, Marla starts on the road to becoming a tactician and a wily diplomat -- but will that be enough to keep her son alive?


Chapter One

It was always messy, cleaning up after a murder. There was more than just blood to be washed off the tiles. There were all those awkward loose ends to be taken care of—alibis to be established, traitors to be paid off,...


Praise for Wolfblade

“A warm and intriguing book with all-too-human characters who draw you in more deeply with each page.” —L.E. Modesitt, Jr. on Medalon

“MEDALON is an intriguing, intelligent and fun read with a refreshing take on female characters so often not seen in the genre.” —Elizabeth Haydon on Medalon

“A gripping tale of warring ambitions, politics, and real people. The characters (and even the gods!) spring to vivid, believable life, making Medalon a great read. More, please!” —Ed Greenwood on Medalon

“I read Medalon, by Jennifer Fallon, and am impressed. This is a powerful, solid, imaginative, sometimes brutal fantasy novel with a splendidly worked out cast of characters. I like the way the gods are less than omnipotent, and dragons are magical constructs; this seems realistic in terms of magic, no oxymoron intended.” —Piers Anthony on Medalon

“A well-executed fantasy with complex characters and entertaining style.” —Kirkus Reviews on Treason Keep

“Intrigues, rivalries and romance provide an entertaining tangle in the second book in Australian fantasy author Fallon's Hythrun Chronicles (after Medalon). Accompanied by a large cast of compelling characters . . . new readers will be well rewarded; fans arriving straight from book one can dive right in.” —Publishers Weekly on Treason Keep

“As in Medalon (2004) and Treason Keep (2004), the capricious gods are part of the mix, and now intrigue and counterintrigue become even more complicated. The battles are fierce, the losses heartrending in Fallon's beautifully created world, whose disparate inhabitants are once again completely convincing, making Harshini a chilling, thrilling conclusion to the trilogy.” —Booklist on Harshini

“For fantasy fans comes another title from an Australian Author highly rated in this field. This is the final volume of the Demon Child Trilogy and it lives up to the entertaining action, imagination and power of its predecessors.... Prepare yourself for non-stop adventure and romance. A good getaway read.” —The Australian Woman's Weekly on Harshini

“One of the better Australian Fantasy books this year. . . . With Jennifer's first trilogy under her belt I expect to see great things in the future. Jennifer isn't only a writer to watch but she may become one to emulate. Harshini is a good book.” —Altair on Harshini

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About the author

Jennifer Fallon

Jennifer Fallon is the author of the bestselling Hythrun Chronicles, which began with the Demon Child Trilogy (Medalon, Treason Keep, Harshini). The Wolfblade Trilogy is set before the events of the Demon Child Trilogy, and follows the adventures of Damin Wolfblade's mother, Her Highness Marla Wolfblade of Hythria. Jennifer Fallon lives in Australia.

Jennifer Fallon

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