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Rogue Warrior: Blood Lies

Rogue Warrior: Blood Lies

Rogue Warrior (Volume 16)

Richard Marcinko and Jim DeFelice

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Mass Market Paperbound

When the daughter of a retired Navy SEAL is kidnapped and held for ransom in Mexico, the Rogue Warrior and his band of Red Cell International warriors head south of the border to rescue her. Along the way, they encounter drug dealers and human traffickers, break into a cartel kingpin's mansion, and do battle with a hundred of the meanest banditos since Pancho Villa. And for good measure, Marcinko uncovers a secret Hezbollah camp funded by the Iranian government and sheltered by the drug lords. But the founder of SEAL Team 6 finds his toughest opponent may actually be…the woman he's come to rescue.

Rogue Warrior: Blood Lies is another no-holds-barred thrill-ride from Richard Marcinko, the creator of Seal Team Six.

This edition of the book is the deluxe, tall rack mass market paperback.



It's not hard to get mugged in Juarez, Mexico. Walk down the wrong street, flash some cash, act a little tipsy—before you know it, you've got a crowd lining up behind you, fighting over who has dibs.
Getting kidnapped is...


Praise for Rogue Warrior: Blood Lies

“The most colorful, hell-raising, bomb-throwing ex-SEAL commander of them all.” —Playboy

“The appeal of this series lies in Marcinko's sense of humor mixed with traditional thriller elements, creating a laugh-out-loud read that somehow melds the wackiness of Janet Evanovich with a military thriller a la Clancy.” —Booklist

“Th man who pioneered the kind of special ops unit that took down bin Laden…” —CNN

“Founder of the elite ‘SEAL Team 6'…that many believe led the assault on bin Laden's compound.” —The Washington Post

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About the author

Richard Marcinko and Jim DeFelice

RICHARD MARCINKO is a living, breathing hero--he was honored with the silver star and four bronze stars for valor, along with two Navy Commendation medals. After serving in Vietnam, he started and commanded SEAL Team 6, the Navy's first Counter-terrorist command, and Red Cell, a high-level anti-terrorist unit whose exploits, fictionalized for security and legal reasons, have formed the basis of his novels. Besides an active speaking and consulting calendar, Marcinko keeps his hand in the field as the president of a private international security company. He lives in Warrenton, Virginia.

JIM DeFELICE is the author of many military based thriller novels and is a frequent collaborator with Stephen Coonts, Larry Bond, and Richard Marcinko, among other New York Times bestselling authors. He lives in New York.

Richard Marcinko

Jim DeFelice

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