Blackmail Earth

Bill Evans

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The Morning Show’s star meteorologist, Jenna Withers, receives a controversial appointment to a White House task force on geoengineering—and is plunged into a high-stakes collision between extreme weather and international politics, where the fate of the whole world hangs in the balance.

Covert sources inform Jenna that Muslim extremists in the Maldives are planning a suicide bombing that could lead to the sudden and disastrous cooling of the planet.  The network dispatches the aging, alcoholic, yet renowned journalist Rick Birk to report on the terrorists.  To his—and everyone else’s—shock, Birk becomes a central figure in the unfolding drama.

In North Korea, the Supreme Leader seizes on the turmoil in the Maldives and the international panic to threaten his own geo-engineering disaster, one aimed at the skies.

Jenna Withers is determined to publicly reveal the dark truths only she knows, to prevent a showdown that might destroy the planet, but powerful forces are intent on stopping her. 

From the swiftly-disappearing shores of the Indian Ocean to drought-parched upstate New York, from what looks like a small-town religious murder to the threat of missile attacks, Blackmail Earth is a rollercoaster of thrills and excitement!


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Jenna Withers could see more than fifty miles from the shotgun seat of The Morning Show helicopter. None of it looked pretty. The farms and forests north of New York City had turned to tinder. Mid-October was as hot as mid-August had been, the third scorching year in a row. Lakes and reservoirs were drying up and the rivers looked like they’d slunk away from their banks, thieves in the night.
It was just as dry—or drier—on the West Coast and across the Sun Belt. The hottest growing season on record. Much of the Midwest had been singed, too,


Praise for Blackmail Earth

"A scary, gripping blend of extreme weather, terrorism, murder and—yes, even love.  The forecast calls for late-night chills.  Enjoy."
—Harlan Coben, New York Times bestselling author

“Evans skillfully wields his knowledge of meteorology to develop weather as a compelling and fearsome character.”
—Sam Champion

Praise for the novels of Bill Evans
“This guy has written bestsellers on the New York Times list. It’s a great plot, scarier than a terrifying tornado, stronger than a horrible hurricane, but don’t worry, Bill Evans will bring you home safe and sound.”
—Regis Philbin on Dry Ice (co-written with Marianna Jameson)

“A superb thriller of a disaster untold until now.  Suspenseful and shocking.”
—Clive Cussler, New York Times bestselling author, on Category 7 (co-written with Marianna Jameson)

Dry Ice excites and entertains from first page to last.  Not just a great thriller, it’s sometimes funny and always deeply human.”
—Bill Cosby

“Just sit back and let the action wash over you.  A fast-paced action-adventure that promises a rousing finale and delivers it.”
Booklist on Category 7

“No one knows bad weather better than Bill Evans.  His expert’s touch makes Dry Ice compelling reading.”
—George Stephanopoulos

“Ever wonder the result if Harold Robbins had written a disaster novel? The science makes sense, the gore factor is off the chart, and the villains are high-end despicable, so count on this one for a no-calorie summer snack—perfect for lazing on the beach or passing time in the airport.”
Booklist on Frozen Fire (co-written with Marianna Jameson)

“From one weatherman to another—Bravo Bill! Dry Ice combines science fiction, science fact, and great writing to create a weather-thriller. Don't believe it?  Just read a chapter and try to put in down!”
—Dave Price

“Engrossing . . . features cutting-edge science and a globe-threatening attack that reads like tomorrow's terrifying headlines. Weather wonks will be in heaven.”
Publishers Weekly on Dry Ice

“This is an exciting thriller filled with so much action that readers will have no time to catch their breaths. An enthralling thriller that grips audiences.”
The Midwest Book Review on Dry Ice

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  • Bill Evans

  • Bill Evans has won multiple Emmy Awards as Senior Meteorologist for WABC, where he can be seen every weekday.  He can also be seen on ESPN Sports Center and Good Morning America.  Evans can be heard nationally on the ABC Radio Network, Martha Stewart Living Radio, and ESPN Radio, and in the New York metropolitan area on WPLJ.

    Evans has written the New York Times bestseller, Category 7, Frozen Fire, and Dry Ice.  He was recently awarded an honorary Doctorate in Letters of Humanity by Dowling College.  Evans and his family live in Connecticut.

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