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A Soldier's Life

Carlo D'Este

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"An excellent book . . . D'Este's masterly account comes into its own." —The Washington Post Book World

Born into hardscrabble poverty in rural Kansas, the son of stern pacifists, Dwight David Eisenhower graduated from high school more likely to teach history than to make it. Casting new light on this profound evolution, Eisenhower chronicles the unlikely, dramatic rise of the supreme Allied commander.

With full access to private papers and letters, Carlo D'Este has exposed for the first time the untold myths that have surrounded Eisenhower and his family for over fifty years, and identified the complex and contradictory character behind Ike's famous grin and air of calm self-assurance.

Unlike other biographies of the general, Eisenhower captures the true Ike, from his youth to the pinnacle of his career and afterward.


The noise was deafening. Eisenhower and the members of his party climbed onto the roof of the division headquarters to watch in silence as hundreds of aircraft and gliders lumbered into the rapidly darkening sky, again saluting as each aircraft...


Praise for Eisenhower

“A persuasive picture . . . D'Este brings to his subject a deep understanding of World War II.” —The New York Times Book Review

“D'Este's thorough research and careful analysis show us an Eisenhower feeling his way into command.” —Chicago Tribune

“A distinguished historian of World War II . . . Not only a breezy read but a thought-provoking one too.” —The Wall Street Journal

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About the author

Carlo D'Este

Carlo D'Este, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel and a distinguished military historian, is the author of Patton: A Genius for War and three other books on World War II, all of which received high praise. He lives in New Seabury, Massachusetts.

Carlo D'Este

Carlo D'Este

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