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Chimp Math

Chimp Math

Learning about Time from a Baby Chimpanzee

by Ann Whitehead Nagda and Cindy Bickel

Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)



Learn about different ways to measure time by following the growth of a baby chimp

Late one night, a tiny chimpanzee is born at a zoo in Kansas. He seems very weak, and the staff is worried. Will he survive? When the mother shows no interest in her baby, a pediatrician comes in to care for the little chimp. The baby grows strong and healthy, and soon he is big enough to be moved to the Denver Zoo. He is named Jiggs after the doctor who saved him.

Jiggs is a lot like human babies. He wears diapers. He plays with his toys. He loves his pets. And he learns all kinds of new skills as he gets older.

Follow Jiggs as he grows from a wobbly infant to a wild and wonderful toddler. Along the way you can learn about clocks, calendars, time lines, and other ways of keeping time records.


Praise for Chimp Math

“Nagda... has done it once again, combining multiple disciplines and teaching in a non-threatening, as-you-need-it manner.” —Kirkus Reviews

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About the author

by Ann Whitehead Nagda and Cindy Bickel

Ann Whitehead Nagda is the author of Tiger Math: Learning to Graph from a Baby Tiger, as well as several other books about wildlife. Ms. Nadga lives in Boulder, Colorado, with her husband and her cat.

Cindy Bickel has worked at the Denver Zoo for more than thirty years. Ms. Bickel helped write Tiger Math: Learning to Graph from a Baby Tiger and Klondike and Snow: The Denver Zoo's Remarkable Story of Raising Two Polar Bear Cubs.

Ann Whitehead Nagda

Cindy Bickel

Cindy Bickel

From the Publisher

Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)

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