Vote for Larry

Janet Tashjian

Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)

Those were the magic words and Beth knew it. How many times had I uttered that phrase to Ms. Robinson in guidance, the standard answer for what I wanted to do with my life? CHANGE THE WORLD. Did I still have the strength and determination to get it together and try to make a difference?
Was it my destiny, my vocation?
Or was I just trying to impress a girl?
As I looked at Beth, I wondered if the reason why even mattered.

The indefatigable Larry is back, and this time he takes on the American political system

After falling off the wagon and becoming what he so clearly and strongly resisted-a consumer-Josh Swensen (aka Larry) finds himself in a hyper-paranoid state of no return. That is, until he's kidnapped and coaxed into resurfacing as his old persona. Before long, Larry is back on the scene with much more on his mind than a gospel Web site-this time Larry wants to affect change in government. What starts out as a campaign to get the younger population to vote turns into a run for the presidency. Can Larry really take on George Bush?

In this very smart, very witty novel, Janet Tashjian brings the political world to the forefront and explores it from many different points of view.


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Vote for Larry
PART ONE"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." 
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Praise for Vote for Larry

A Publishers Weekly "Editors' Pick for June"

"Hilarious"--Teen People

"Clever, inspiring sequel"--Publishers Weekly, starred review

"Josh has a fresh, intelligent voice, filled with common sense, passion and conviction. . . . [A] solid and timely work that will make readers laugh, but more important, will make them think."--VOYA

"Politics, romance, important social issues, and even a saboteur in the wings make this a fun, spirited romp through an election year. Tashjian's lively, comic prose, coupled with her characters' anger at politics as usual in this country, may just inspire young readers to become young voters."--Kirkus Review

"Whether young readers tap into their inner activist through Larry or not, they're in for a great story."--Pages magazine

"Vote for Larry is a crash course in the rough and tumble world of national politics, and teen readers will get a taste of just what it takes in idealism and courage to achieve such goals."--Bookpage

"[T]his is part allegory and part political thriller, and once again, Josh's plans to protect the planet and involve young people in the care and feeding of democracy go awry. The spirited story focuses on 18-year-old Josh's presidential campaign; although he's too young to be elected, a stunning show of support results in a constitutional amendment lowering the age of the president. . . . Fans of the first book won't be disappointed in Josh/Larry's further escapades."--Booklist

"Once again, Tashjian manages to take a fairly unbelievable premise and make it seem more than fairly believable. The fast-paced story and Josh's witty narration will keep readers hooked."--Horn Book

"Readers who've moved up from Dan Gutman's The Kid Who Ran for President may find this a congenial as well as provocative. . . .and perhaps it'll encourage them to become involved in upcoming elections."--Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

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  • Janet Tashjian

  • Janet Tashjian is the author of acclaimed books for young adults, including The Gospel According to Larry, Fault Line, Multiple Choice and My Life as a Book. Disney adapted Tru Confessions into a television movie starring Clara Bryant and Shia LaBeouf. Tashjian studied at the University of Rhode Island and Emerson College. She lives in Needham, Massachusetts, with her family.
  • Janet Tashjian
    Janet Tashjian



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Janet Tashjian

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