Brandstorm: Surviving and Thriving in the New Consumer-Led Marketplace

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Branding has become ubiquitous, with new brands becoming word-of-mouth successes literally overnight, and many welcome the easy familiarity they bring to daily life. But now brand proliferation is threatening not only to stifle true choice in the marketplace, but to render hard-won brand identities - some decades in the making - meaningless. With today's unprecedented access to thousands of brands a day, via Twitter, Facebook, and the rest, the balance of brand power is shifting irrevocably away from the businesses behind them. In Brandstorm, branding guru Liz Nickles argues that, as a result, the brand is no longer a value proposition in itself, and that marketers and brand managers must stop the dilution and focus on meaningful, market-specific reinvention for those brands that can stand the test of time. She offers the success secrets behind leading brands like Ralph Lauren, Justin Bieber, and Revlon, and how to channel them today.


Praise for Brandstorm: Surviving and Thriving in the New Consumer-Led Marketplace

“From Marie Antoinette to Lady Gaga, a piercing look at the dangers of runaway brands, and what marketers can do to ensure that brands continue to enhance the consumer experience rather than dilute it.”--Expert Marketer Magazine

"In this smart and engaging book, Liz Nickles shows how to make the occasionally-overwhelming new media environment work for you - by creating resilient and pervasive brands." - John Gerzema, bestselling author of The Brand Bubble and Spend Shift

"In a world where social media, marketing and business are constantly shifting, Liz Nickles shares her secrets on changing with the times. By telling a story of brands both new and old, Nickles addresses the modern concept of 'branding' and how marketing strategies are being questioned. Brandstorm is an eye-opener for both new marketers and those looking to create a better personal image. Two thumbs up for this likeable book!" - Dave Kerpen, New York Times bestselling author of Likeable Social Media and Likeable Business

"In the fractured but exciting brand game of today, only BRANDSTORM gives you a most modern roadmap complete with never- heard stories and really unexpected solutions." - Charlotte Beers, former CEO and Chairman, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide, U.S. Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, and author of I'd Rather Be in Charge.

"An interesting, well-written overview of the state of the chaotic branding business today, filled with fascinating stories and anecdotes." - Al Ries, author of War in the Boardroom

"The brand mantra for the 21st century is 'be powerful, be kind'. If you read only one book to guide you to achieve that worthy goal, this is the one." - Milton Pedraza, CEO, Luxury Institute, LLC

"If you're interested in the future of communication - this is the book for you. From one of the great communicators in the industry." - Richard Kirshenbaum, CEO NSG/SWAT and author of MADBOY

"Liz Nickles dissects the appeal and almost formulaic etiology of killer brands both old and new. BrandStorm then takes the fascinating approach of measuring these successes through the ever-evolving lens of social media. How does real time interactivity with the end user make or break a brand? From Hermes to Justin Bieber, this book is for marketers and brand managers who seek insight on the connections between remarkably successful brands and the online relationship with their consumers." - Tynicka Battle, Founder and CEO, ThinkTank Digital

"Branding has undergone a major change in the last few years, and now brands can be created or destroyed in a matter of weeks. In this tour de force, Liz Nickles provides a history lesson and road map for marketers to understand the new world of brand management. A must read." - Robert Blattberg, McGuire Professor of Marketing, Carnegie Mellon University

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  • Liz Nickles is a nationally recognized expert in strategic marketing and brand development.  She co-founded a research firm, Nickles & Ashcraft, that pioneered the assumptions about women in the workplace and teens in the twenty-first century.  She has held senior leadership roles in companies including Credit Suisse First Boston, Mattel, FTI Consulting, and several major ad agencies and is the recipient of numerous awards for creativity and marketing.  She is the author of twelve books and is currently President of Black Label Brand Development, a bespoke brand advisory firm in New York and London.  

    Savita Iyer has written for a range of business and financial publications including Investment Advisor magazine, BusinessWeek and Thomson Reuters' International Financing Review.



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Brandstorm: Surviving and Thriving in the New Consumer-Led Marketplace