Predictive Leadership

Avoiding the 12 Critical Mistakes That Derail Growth-Hungry Companies

Kirk Dando

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Nothing masks issues and robs an organization of its full potential like success

That’s right! Most successful, growth-hungry companies begin to miss their projections or worse, not because demand is low or conditions are difficult, but simply because they don’t know how to predict, nurture, or even maintain their own growth and success. At each stage of growth, natural problems are glossed over in the scramble to expand, making the organization vulnerable to chaos, no matter how strong or expert its leaders. Most leaders feel isolated, pressured to build on earlier success and maintain total control – the perfect recipe for the 12 most common and critical mistakes to show up and slow or kill growth.

Kirk Dando, leadership and growth expert, CEO of Dando Advisors, calls these roadblocks the “12 Warning Signs of Success,” and has helped leaders across industries predict, prepare, and avoid them at every stage of growth. Predictive Leadership is rich with real-world stories, prescriptive advice on how to scale your business and limit the drama so you can unlock the growth and success you desire.

Maybe you had the right idea but hired the wrong person. Maybe you’re running into a leadership bottleneck, having trouble getting your team aligned, unknowingly incentivizing failure, or losing sight of your core values. Dando, known in leadership circles as the “Company Whisperer,” has encountered every one of these obstacles himself, as a C-level executive in a high-growth billion-dollar business. He knows firsthand that these moments of truth determine whether you can lead your company to become a strong, mature, and financially sustainable organization, or drift toward an uncertain future.



Praise for Predictive Leadership

"Predictive Leadership will help you see the successes and predict the failures every business experiences before they materialize. Kirk Dando's been there, done that perspective gives you an insider's view of what really happens in high growth companies and shows you how to unlock the leader inside." - Harvey Mackay, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive

"Predictive Leadership challenges leaders to take an authentic, eyes-wide-open look at their businesses to avoid common pitfalls. This critical authenticity is unfortunately often missing in business decisions, leading to unnecessary stress on the business and its leaders and stakeholders. When I was starting out, I devoured dozens of business books; Predictive Leadership's simplicity and focus on action – rather than theory – can help leaders succeed more quickly and with less heartache, something we can all appreciate." - John P. Mackey, co-CEO, Whole Foods Market

"Dando has broken new ground, and has been teaching an entire generation of business executives how to be more effective leaders. If your objective is to optimize your growth as a leader, pick up Dando's book and heed its wisdom, it is a contemporary classic. A must read!" -Tom Meredith, Former CFO, Motorola and Dell, Chairman of Bazaarvoice

"Once in a rare while does a leadership book come along that bridges the gap between theory and practical advice. Dando has done it in Predictive Leadership, providing real world stories I could relate to and prescriptive guidance on how to predict and solve for the most common pitfalls ALL successful businesses experience.' - Christine Perich, CFO/COO, New Belgium Brewing Company

"Predictive Leadership forced us to confront the brutal facts we had yet to address. It helped us steer through the challenges such that we've never stopped growing and are more confident in our strategy than we've ever been. The difference in the company is palpable." - Gabe Krajicek, CEO and Partner, BancVue, EY Entrepreneur of the Year

"Kirk has written a powerful, insightful book that will make you think, grow and lead differently. Growth happens when you're challenged and uncomfortable, and Kirk certainly will challenge your strategies, beliefs, and willingness to make decisions. Any book that gets you willing to approach things differently are winners in my book, and this is a winner." - Ben Decker, CEO, Decker Communications

"Most business books and consultants typically tell you what you already know with few recommendations on how to remedy a problem. Not true with Predictive Leadership! Kirk's easygoing, non-threatening approach, plus his solid experience of successfully running large companies, makes Predictive Leadership a winner. It helped us take a number of issues we were experiencing caused by rapid growth and helped us focus on the three or four most critical issues." - Paul Bury, CEO, Bury

"Kirk has demonstrated a unique ability to grow leaders at all levels in the organization. The insights in his book are essential for developing responsible leaders capable of both building high performing teams and driving sustainable, growth oriented businesses." - Ryan Robinson, former Human Resource VP, Hewlett Packard, and Chief People Officer, Bazaarvoice

"A good business book will provide insight, share actionable tools, or change behavior, Predictive Leadership does all three. It was amusing how Kirk described my struggles, knew exactly how I was feeling and the issues I was facing just like he had been there with me. Even better were the solutions and strategies that have helped me find a less turbulent more fulfilling path to real success." - Alex Charfen, CEO, Charfen Institute

"Predictive Leadership is a must read for growing businesses who find themselves responding to circumstances instead of pouring their efforts into growth. Predictive Leadership will help put you out front where you belong. I intend to use these principles for my company." - Ken Davis, President of Dynamic Communicators Intl. Best-selling author, radio host

"Kirk has a knack for seeing company patterns that get them tripped up from their own successes. Knowing Kirk for years, he has the highest integrity and possesses a unique balance of emotional intelligence, strategic foresight, and detail-orientation." - Sam Decker, CEO, Mass Relevance

"Predictive Leadership took us to a different place of discussion. It showed us that the opportunity and our current approach to that opportunity were NOT aligned.' - Tim Hawks, Senior Executive Pastor, Hill Country Bible Church

"Kirk believes that the best way to build leaders is to help them build the skills and experience they need to get to the answer on their own. Dando's advice helps give you the confidence to transition from problem solving to problem prediction. It has helped me be ready to predict a problem next time rather than diving into the weeds on a solution that only works today." - David Brussin, CEO, Monetate, EY Entrepreneur of the Year Winner

"Kirk's insights helped us focus our energies on 'working on the business.' Whether it's the team or strategies, everything is done in the context of how it drives business. If you truly do the work Predictive Leadership recommends, it will challenge you, your beliefs, your strategies, and your willingness to make the decisions necessary for the success of your business." - Paul Trylko, CEO, Amplify Federal Credit Union

"It was a rude awakening for me to realize that while it takes the single-mindedness and zeal of an entrepreneur to develop a successful concept, it takes leadership to develop a successful company. And entrepreneurs aren't always accomplished leaders. If you're willing to tackle root cause and can get past the shock of discovering YOU ARE THE ROOT CAUSE, Kirk's teachings in Predictive Leadership can have a profound impact on your business." - John M Campbell III, Vice President, H-E-B Central Market

"Dando's Predictive Leadership offers a no-nonsense approach to build strategies to reach our goals." - Bill Morrow, Executive Chairman and CEO, Quarri Technologies, EY Entrepreneur of the Year Winner

"With growth in our company, we realized we needed a change to reach the next level of success. What Kirk shares in Predictive Leadership enables us to take positive steps to implement the changes necessary for our future growth and success. I can, without hesitation, recommend Kirk Dando and Predictive Leadership." - Neel White, CEO, White Construction

"Dando's experience and advice gives us valuable insights that have helped us avoid some of the pitfalls associated with both rapid growth and the ongoing evolution of our business." - Johannes Brinkmann, CFO, AM Technical Solutions

"Change is very painful; Predictive Leadership helped us to prioritize so that the disruption has been minimal while the positive impacts have been remarkable." - Rocky Turner, CEO, LPR Construction

"Predictive Leadership definitely speaks to, understands and provides real world solutions to the key challenges you will face as you scale. Kirk really is like the 'company whisperer.'' - Brett Hurt, Investor and Founder of Coremetrics and Bazaarvoice, EY Entrepreneur of the Year Winner

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  • Kirk Dando

  • Kirk Dando, CEO of Dando Advisors, is a highly sought-after and well-respected leadership and growth expert whom executive clients call “The Company Whisperer.” A former corporate executive, he has helped more than 5,000 executives – including several regional Ernst & Young Entrepreneurs of the Year and “Best CEO” winners – overcome common business pitfalls to unlock explosive growth. As seen on Fox Business and Bloomberg Television, executives relate to his real-world stories and his high-energy, no-nonsense style as he demonstrates how leaders can predict problems before they show up in the results. He lives in Fort Collins, Colorado.



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Predictive Leadership

Avoiding the 12 Critical Mistakes That Derail Growth-Hungry Companies

Kirk Dando