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The Invasion Year

The Invasion Year

An Alan Lewrie Naval Adventure

Alan Lewrie Naval Adventures (Volume 17)

Dewey Lambdin

St. Martin's Griffin



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The Invasion Year is the seventeenth tale in Dewey Lambdin's smashing naval adventure series.

For a fellow like Captain Alan Lewrie, Royal Navy, who despises the French worse than the Devil hates Holy Water, it's hellish-hard to gain a reputation for saving them, not once but twice, when the French refugees from Haiti surrender to England rather than the vengeful ex-slave armies in November of 1803!
After that, it could be "all claret and cruising" in the Caribbean, but for a home-bound sugar convoy, one so frustrating as to make even the happy-go-lucky Alan Lewrie tear his hair out, kick furniture, and curse like . . . well, like a sailor!
Back in England for the first time in two years, there are honors from the Crown for gallant service . . . a lot more than he expected from King George III, who was having a bad morning, then a chance to move in Society after an introduction to an intriguing daughter of a peer. But then come secret orders to experiment with several types of "infernal engines of war," which might delay or postpone the dreaded cross-Channel invasion by Napoleon Bonaparte, his huge army, and his thousands of invasion craft. For the rest of 1804, Alan Lewrie and his crew of the Reliant frigate will deal with things more dangerous to them than they may prove to be to the French!



"Damme, but I do despise the bloody French!"
"Understandably, sir," the First Lieutenant softly agreed.
"Their bloody general, Rochambeau," Captain Alan Lewrie, RN, further gravelled, "he'd surrender t'that...


Praise for The Invasion Year

“Newcomers to the series will delight in Lambdin's expert deployment of period detail; his mastery of the details of life on a 19th-century frigate; and the irresistible Captain Alan Lewrie himself. A pleasant blend of light humor, drama and cracking historical naval action.” —Kirkus Reviews

“You might say Dewey Lambdin is in a groove.” —

“Stunning naval adventure, reeking of powder and mayhem. I wish I had written this series.” —Bernard Cornwell on the Alan Lewrie Adventure Series

“If Horatio Hornblower is the gentleman's sailor and Jack Aubrey is the thinking man's sailor, Lewrie is of and for the working class. Pugnacious and randy, he's a refreshing sea breeze.” —San Jose Mercury News on the Alan Lewrie Adventure Series

“[A] smashing series.” —The Washington Times on the Alan Lewrie Adventure Series

“Readers who haven't yet sampled Lewrie's adventures need only know that comparisons to Forester and O'Brian are entirely appropriate.” —Booklist on the Alan Lewrie Adventure Series

“You could get addicted to this series. Easily.” —The New York Times Book Review on the Alan Lewrie Adventure Series

“The brilliantly stylish American master of salty-tongued British naval tales.” —Kirkus Reviews on the Alan Lewrie Adventure Series

“The best naval adventure series since C. S. Forester.” —Library Journal on the Alan Lewrie Adventure Series

“Lewrie is a marvelous creation, resourceful and bold.” —James L. Nelson, author of the Revolution at Sea Saga, on the Alan Lewrie Adventure Series

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About the author

Dewey Lambdin

DEWEY LAMBDIN is the author of sixteen previous Alan Lewrie novels. A member of the U.S. Naval Institute and a Friend of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England, he spends his free time working and sailing. He makes his home in Nashville, TN, but would much prefer Margaritaville or Murrells Inlet.

Dewey Lambdin

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Dewey Lambdin

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