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The Handknitter's Yarn Guide

The Handknitter's Yarn Guide

A Visual Reference to Yarns and Fibers

Nikki Gabriel

St. Martin's Griffin


Trade Paperback

An essential at-a-glance reference book containing yarn swatches and detailed information about the most widely used types of yarns available to today's knitters

The Handknitter's Yarn Guide collects all the facts, figures and details that knitters need to know about yarns and gives visual comparisons showing the different effects they create when knitted up. This essential guide for every knitter at any level includes a comprehensive encyclopedia of the most commonly available yarns, complete with full-color photographs of swatches and vital information on how best to work with them.

Organized by weight and fiber, the book is divided into three main sections:

• Yarn Categories: details the range of yarn weights from super fine to super bulky and advises the reader on what to expect when working with each type.

• Yarns in Use: discusses the general qualities of each yarn, the pros and cons of using it, how to care for it, as well as information on gauge and yardage. Includes swatches of each yarn knitted up and vital information on how best to use each yarn.

• Reference: offers guidelines on how to calculate yarn substitutions, how to read labels, a comparative US/European glossary of terms, needle information, and much more.

The Handknitter's Yarn Guide is an essential knitting handbook offering both beginners and professionals all the information needed to make the best choice for each project in an easy to use and accessible format.


Praise for The Handknitter's Yarn Guide

“Next time a customer brings a skein to the counter wanting to know how the fiber knits up, break out a copy of The Handknitter's Yarn Guide. Using quick-hit stats and swatch phtoos, New Zealand-based knitwear and textile designer Gabriel summarizes how a given yarn should act in use.” —Yarn Market News

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About the author

Nikki Gabriel

Nikki Gabriel is an Australian knitwear and textile designer based in New Zealand. She also has her own line of handknitting yarns and knitting patterns called Construction which is featured, plus an active following on her blog. Her designs are featured extensively in magazines such as Marie Claire, Inside Out, Fashion Quarterly, Vogue Fashion, and Vogue Living.

Nikki Gabriel

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