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A Place in the Country

A Place in the Country

A Novel

The Truthseers

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Fifteen-year-old Issy and her newly single mother, Caroline Evans, are struggling to find their way alone, as well as together. At thirty-eight, with little money and all the responsibility for the two of them, Caroline is coming to terms with her new situation. When she decides to leave Singapore, home of her former well-off life (and her cheating husband), she ends up living in an English village pub, cooking dinners there to earn enough to get by, meeting unexpectedly quirky people, and making friends. But Issy still adores her father and secretly blames her mother for their change in life.

Just as Caroline's dream of converting an old barn into a restaurant finally begins to take shape, her chance at happiness is threatened and hangs in the balance as whispers of murder and vengeance find their way to her. When Issy, who is hovering in that limbo between girl and young woman, begins to make some risky choices, the stakes are raised even higher.

A Place in the Country is filled with emotions every woman will recognize as Caroline and Issy make their way in the world and do battle with those who would wish to see them lose their chances to gain their hearts' desires. Love and hate, blame and responsibility, deception and trust all collide in this novel that is Elizabeth Adler at her page-turning best.

From The New York Times bestselling author comes an emotionally powerful novel about mothers and daughters, the secrets they share, and those they keep to themselves.


chapter 1

Caroline Evans was having a day out from her rented London flat, driving through rainy Oxfordshire with her fifteen-year-old daughter slumped in a silent sulk next to her.
They had taken in Oxford, "city of dreaming...


Praise for A Place in the Country

“Bestseller Adler ... smoothly blends suspense and romance in this tale of betrayal and murder.” —Publishers Weekly

“Adler portrays the tensions between a mother and her teenage daughter very well.... The vivid descriptions of the setting and interesting glimpse into Caroline's restaurant business make the story entertaining.” —RT Book Reviews

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Bestseller Adler (From Barcelona with Love) smoothly blends suspense and romance in this tale of betrayal and murder. Caroline Evans, in the wake of her divorce from her unfaithful, duplicitous husban - Publishers Weekly

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The Truthseers

ELIZABETH ADLER is the internationally acclaimed author of novels including The House in Amalfi, Sailing to Capri, and Please Don't Tell. She lives in Palm Springs, California.

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