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The Cat Sitter's Nine Lives

The Cat Sitter's Nine Lives

A Mystery

Dixie Hemingway Mysteries (Volume 9)

Blaize Clement and John Clement

Minotaur Books




Plucky heroine Dixie Hemingway is back in this ninth installment of Blaize Clement's beloved cozy mystery series.

While driving along the beachside road that runs through the center of her hometown Dixie witnesses a terrible head-on collision. Ever the hero, she springs into action and pulls one of the drivers from his car just before it explodes in flames. A little shaken but none the worse for wear, Dixie proceeds to her local bookstore where she meets Cosmo, a fluffy, orange tomcat, and Mr. Hoskins, the store's kind but strangely befuddled owner. The next day the driver whose life she saved claims that he is Dixie's husband.

Meanwhile, both Cosmo and Mr. Hoskins have disappeared without a trace, and a mysterious phone call from a new client lures her to a crumbling, abandoned mansion on the outskirts of town. Soon Dixie finds herself locked in a riddle of deception, revenge, murder, and mystery.

The Cat Sitter's Nine Lives features a compelling main character and a riveting plot that is bound to satisfy the appetites of Dixie Hemingway fans and newcomers to the series.



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Praise for The Cat Sitter's Nine Lives

“A knock-out read. For anyone who loves mysteries, animals, or just plain great writing.” —Laurien Berenson, author of Doggie Day Care Murder on Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter

“Blends elements of cozy and thriller to produce an unusual and enjoyable hybrid . . . sure to delight readers.” —Publishers Weekly on Even Cat Sitters Get the Blues

“For fans of Susan Conant and Clea Simon.” —Library Journal on Even Cat Sitters Get the Blues

“Great ingredients and a fun plot. Frankly, I can't wait for the sequel!” —Linda Fasulo, NPR on Even Cat Sitters Get the Blues

“Fast-paced and gripping…everything Blaize Clement's many fans have come to expect.” —Fantastic Fiction on at Sitter on a Hot Tin Roof

“A compelling plot and familiar characters we greet with fondness… Another riveting and rewarding read.” —Richmond Times-Dispatch on Cat Sitter Among the Pigeons

“Fans of pet mysteries, such as those by Laurie Berenson, will enjoy it.” —Booklist on The Cat Sitter's Pajamas

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About the author

Blaize Clement and John Clement

John Clement is the son of Blaize Clement (1932-2011), who originated the Dixie Hemingway mystery series and collaborated with her son on the plots and characters for forthcoming novels. Blaize is the author of Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter, Duplicity Dogged the Dachshund, Even Cat Sitters Get the Blues, Cat Sitter on a Hot Tin Roof, Raining Cat Sitters and Dogs,Cat Sitter Among the Pigeons, and The Cat Sitter's Pajamas.

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