In for a Ruble

The Turbo Vlost Thrillers (Volume 2)

David Duffy

Thomas Dunne Books

A pulse-pounding mystery featuring Russian-American detective Turbo Vlost, the deadliest ex-KGB operative to ever hit New York

Turbo Vlost is back. He’s depressed, drinking too much, and terrified that the love of his life is truly gone.

Hired to test the security of billionaire hedge fund manager Sebastian Leitz’s computer system, Turbo finds himself peeling back the fetid layers of an immigrant family living the American dream while unable to escape mysterious and unspeakable demons.

Turbo isn’t the only one interested in the Leitzs. The Belarus-based Baltic Enterprise Commission---a shadowy purveyor of online sleaze---has its claws in Leitz’s brother-in-law. So, it appears, does Leitz’s brother. And Leitz’s son, a teenaged computer whiz, is running his own million-dollar schemes.

Thanks to his legwork and his partner’s data-mining monster, Turbo can see all the cards. But to play the hand, he has to join the kind of game he recognizes from his childhood in the Gulag---one where the odds suddenly grow short and losers don’t always come out alive.

David Duffy's In For a Ruble will enthrall fans of Martin Cruz Smith in this action-packed Turbo Vlost adventure.


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Everything about Sebastian Leitz was big. The man himself was six foot four and weighed two-eighty easy. A tractor tire wrapped his midsection, he wore size fourteen shoes, and nobody made gloves to fit his hands. The outsize head, with its fat pear nose, kidney-pool blue eyes and inflated inner-tube lips, made him seem larger still. The head was topped by a bushy, orange Afro that had last seen the barber when Brezhnev was general secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. A circus clown on steroids. His voice—a foghorn bass—could’ve


Praise for In for a Ruble

“In Duffy's gritty sequel to 2011's Last to Fold, Turbo Vlost, a former KGB operative, has been hired by billionaire Sebastian Leitz to find security flaws in Leitz's computer systems, but he quickly realizes that his employer has much bigger problems than he anticipated. Further investigation leads Turbo to discover that each member of Leitz's family is hiding something, and some of these secrets lead to a malevolent Eastern European computer conglomerate, which has its sights set on Leitz and company. And as if becoming entangled in a family's dangerously dirty laundry weren't enough, Vlost's ex has returned and is looking to reboot their old affair. Saturated with international intrigue and peopled by a cast of sordid characters--including mobsters, pedophiles, and shady businessmen--, Duffy's latest is high-tension, meticulously plotted, and immensely entertaining. Readers will delight in Duffy's handling of the thrilling proceedings.”
Publishers Weekly

"A compelling, intelligent and witty take on the classic detective story. That the talented Duffy makes his ex-KGB tough-guy into a thoughtful, honorable and even charming protagonist is just one reason this book is terrific--it's also fast-paced, unpredictable and completely original."
—Hank Phillippi Ryan, Anthony, Agatha and Macavity winner, author of The Other Woman

"David Duffy has done it again: given us a smart, morally complex page-turner featuring ex-KGB agent turned New York City private eye, Turbo Vlost. Like Marlowe before him, Turbo dives deep as he tangles with Russian oligarchs and ghosts from Stalin’s gulag. He goes to some dark places but never wavers because truth matters. A fast-paced, witty, bruising, always thoughtful read."
— Leonard Rosen, Edgar-nominated author of All Cry Chaos

“I loved David Duffy's first book, Last to Fold, and I'm here to tell you In For a Ruble is every bit as good. If you don't yet know Turbo Vlost and his friends –and enemies– you're a lucky reader, because now you get to meet them. Don't wait!”
SJ Rozan, Edgar-winning author of Ghost Hero

Praise for Last to Fold, which was nominated for the 2012 Edgar for Best First Novel by an American Author:

"One of the most original protagonists I’ve ever come across . . . Duffy knows his Russia inside and out, but most of all, he knows how to tell a story with flair and elegance.  This is really, really good."
—Joseph Finder, New York Times bestselling author of Vanished and Buried Secrets

"The dialogue is crisp and rings true, and the main character is easy to like and root for."
Publishers Weekly

“A new addition to the line of suspense stars at St. Martin’s, introducing an irresistible character and a very rich milieu—the New York City subculture of Russian émigrés, underworld characters and ruthless new-rich swashbucklers….I’m looking forward to the next one.”
Sullivan County Democrat

“From guns, drugs and espionage we get the full gambit in the fast and furious look within the Russian mob.”
Suspense Magazine

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  • David Duffy

  • DAVID DUFFY spent twenty-five years in the corporate and financial public relations business, based in New York and London. This experience turned out to be good practice for writing fiction. Along the way he helped bring Antiques Roadshow to PBS and income tax to Poland. He and his wife live in New York’s Hudson River Valley.



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