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Leader of the Pack

Leader of the Pack

An Andy Carpenter Mystery

An Andy Carpenter Novel (Volume 10)

David Rosenfelt

Minotaur Books




Over the course of his legal career, Andy Carpenter has lost a few cases. But that doesn't mean he forgets his clients. Andy has always been convinced that Joey Desimone, a man convicted of murder nine years ago, was innocent and believes that Joey's family's connections to organized crime played a pivotal role in his conviction. While there isn't much Andy can do for him while he serves out his prison sentence, Joey suggests that he check up on Joey's elderly uncle. He'd rather not, but as a favor to Joey, Andy agrees to take his dog, Tara, on a few visits.

The old man's memory is going, but when Andy tries to explain why he's there, it jogs something in the man's mind, and his comments leave Andy wondering if Uncle Nick is confused, or if he just might hold the key to Joey's freedom after all this time.

Andy grabs on to this thread of possibility and follows it into a world where the oath of silence is stronger than blood ties, and where people will do anything to make sure their secrets are kept.

Riveting, suspenseful, and highly entertaining, Leader of the Pack is bestseller David Rosenfelt's latest entry in his much-beloved Andy Carpenter series.


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Praise for Leader of the Pack

“Rosenfelt walks a line between pulse-pounding suspense and laugh-out-loud humor. . .One of the best in the business.” —Associated Press on One Dog Night

“A blessed anomaly in crime fiction. . .Andy is like a gulp of cold water on a steamy day. . .Rosenfelt peels back the layers of puzzlement ever so skillfully, tantalizing us throughout until, finally, both Andy and the reader are enlightened, simultaneously. A gem.” —Booklist (starred review) on One Dog Night

“Winning. . .Andy does his usual sterling--and amusing--performance in the courtroom. . .[It] will keep readers turning the pages.” —Publishers Weekly on One Dog Night

“Heartwarming to dog lovers, absorbing to fans ofcourtroom byplay.” —Kirkus Reviews on One Dog Night

“Readers who enjoy a juicy courtroom mystery like the best of Perry Mason will find welcome surroundings in "Dog Tags." What sets Rosenfelt apart from his legal compatriots is an underlining sense of laugh-out-loud humor mixed with suspense. . .Rosenfelt's love of furry friends shines in the story, creating a read that will appeal to the pet lover in everyone.” —Associated Press on Dog Tags

“Terrific legal thriller. . .Andy Carpenter [is] one of the most engaging legal minds in mystery. . .I was captivated.” —The Globe and Mail on Dog Tags

“A funny, warm-hearted mystery, NEW TRICKS moves quickly and playfully - almost puppylike-through mounting crimes, a long-distance love affair and a secret science project that threatens to thwart [Andy] Carpenter's best efforts. Three Stars.” —People on New Tricks

“Rosenfelt concocts a taut thriller full of whiplash plot twists and wisecracking dialogue. . .proving that he's long since earned his crime-novelist pedigree.” —Entertainment Weekly on Play Dead

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About the author

David Rosenfelt

DAVID ROSENFELT is the Edgar and Shamus Award-nominated author of four stand-alones and nine previous Andy Carpenter novels, most recently One Dog Night. He and his wife live in Maine with the twenty seven golden retrievers that they've rescued.

David Rosenfelt

Photo: Brandy Allen

David Rosenfelt

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