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Wrath of the Furies

Wrath of the Furies

A Novel of the Ancient World

Novels of Ancient Rome (Volume 15)

Steven Saylor

Minotaur Books




In 88 B.C., it seems as if the entire ancient world is at war. In the west, the Italian states are rebelling against Rome; in the east, Mithridates is marching through and conquering the Roman Asian provinces. Even in the relatively calm Alexandria, a coup has brought a new Pharaoh to power and chaos to the streets. The young Gordianus has been waiting out the chaos in Alexandria, with Bethesda, when he gets a cryptic message from his former tutor and friend, Antipater. Now in Ephesus, as part of Mithridates' entourage, Antipater seems to think that his life is in imminent danger.

To rescue him, Gordianus concocts a daring, even foolhardy, scheme to go "behind enemy lines" and bring Antipater to safety. But there are powerful, and deadly forces, at work here, which have their own plans for Gordianus. Not entirely sure whether he's a player or a pawn, Gordianus must unravel the mystery behind the message if he's to save himself and the people he holds most dear.



I, Gordianus of Rome, was living a few miles to the west of Alexandria that summer, in a house on the beach next to a small fishing village.

My hosts were the owners of the house, two eunuchs who had retired from the Egyptian...


Praise for Wrath of the Furies

"A highly suspenseful plot and a moving resolution distinguish Saylor’s masterful third novel featuring Roman sleuth Gordianus the Finder." - Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"Every bit as good as its history- and tension-packed predecessors…sustains a high level of suspense, while Saylor gives readers great sandals-on-the-ground details of the ancient world." - Booklist (starred review)

"Saylor has concocted one of his best novels so far with this tale of intrigue and extraordinarily bloody international thriller, with espionage, world-shaking events, and plenty of plots, plans, and conspiracies." - Edge Boston

"The series has been rejuvenated by the younger hero and is now better than ever. ... [Saylor] the undisputed master of the Roman historical mystery." - Historical Novel Society

"With its expert mix of comedy and tragedy, Wrath may be Saylor's most thought-provoking work, a book that shows sympathy for all while asking us to ponder mankind's seemingly limitless capacity to do terrible things, then as now." - USA Today

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About the author

Steven Saylor

STEVEN SAYLOR is the author of acclaimed historical mystery novels featuring Gordianus the Finder, including Raiders of the Nile, as well as the internationally bestselling historical novels Empire and Roma. He has appeared on the History Channel as an expert on Roman politics and life. He divides his time between Berkeley, California, and Austin, Texas.

Steven Saylor

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