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Women of a Dangerous Age

Women of a Dangerous Age

A Novel

Fanny Blake

Thomas Dunne Books



A wry, honest, and heartfelt novel of female friendship, romance, and self-discovery

Married to a man who no longer loves her, Lou realizes it's time for a change. So she moves out and moves on, with a spring in her step and an exciting new business venture in the works. In honor of her newfound freedom, Lou travels to India, where she befriends Ali, another woman traveling alone.

A serial mistress, Ali couldn't be more different from Lou. Before her trip to India, Ali's latest lover changes the rules and asks her to make a life with him, a prospect she comes to accept with glee. But upon her return, Ali learns that her would-be partner is not the man she took him for, and now she, too, needs a new beginning.

As Lou and Ali work together to put the past behind them—even at a time when it's perhaps most inclined to stick around—they discover new possibilities for life and for love. And as their stories unfold, it just so turns out that the two women have shockingly more in common than they had thought.
With Women of a Dangerous Age, Fanny Blake celebrates that powerful yet terrifying time in a woman's life when she must find the courage to reconcile the life she leads with the life she desires.


Praise for Women of a Dangerous Age

“Lou and Ali's unlikely friendship is wonderful. We should all be so dangerous!” —Wendy Wax, author of While We Were Watching Downton Abbey

“A cracking plotline . . . Lou, the heroine, divorcée owner of a dress shop, is a winning creation. She's a sort of grown-up Bridget Jones, good-natured, chaotic, romantic, big knicker-owning and fond of large glasses of white wine. A happy, liberating read.” —Daily Mail (UK)

“A delightful, witty take on middle-aged womanhood . . . A delicious read.” —Saga

“Fanny Blake is a wonder. Put on the tea, ring up the girls, and have a party. Here's a novel to savor and share with your girlfriends, sisters, and mothers. Fanny writes with hilarity, warmth, and truth about how to navigate the tricky waters of womanhood. I loved it.” —Adriana Trigiani, bestselling author of Lucia, Lucia and The Shoemaker's Wife, on What Women Want

What Women Want is like having a long, funny, and fascinating conversation with your very best friends and becoming deeply involved in their lives, families, and love affairs.” —Penny Vincenzi, #1 internationally bestselling author of Sheer Abandon and The Best of Times

“A novel of female friendships, changed expectations, and shifting priorities. Readers who enjoy the works of Erica Bauermeister and Liane Moriarty will relate to this witty and realistic portrayal of modern female friendship.” —Booklist on What Women Want

“Women take heart: Here is a novelist who understands exactly the comedy, absurdities, and frustrations of your lives. A delicious read.” —Elizabeth Buchan, bestselling author of Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman and The Good Wife Strikes Back, on What Women Want

“Full of insight with a sharp wit, this is about real women in realistic situations, entertaining and thought provoking.” —Katie Fforde, internationally bestselling author of Recipe for Love and Love Letters, on What Women Want

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Fanny Blake

FANNY BLAKE was a publisher for many years, editing both fiction and non-fiction before becoming a freelance journalist and writer. She is the author of What Women Want. She lives in London.

Fanny Blake

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