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Reefs and Shoals

Reefs and Shoals

An Alan Lewrie Naval Adventure

Alan Lewrie Naval Adventures (Volume 18)

Dewey Lambdin

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Pity poor Captain Alan Lewrie, Royal Navy! He's been torn away from a warm shore bed--and the viscount's daughter who shared it with him--and ordered by Admiralty to the Bahamas, into the teeth of ferocious winter storms.

At least his new orders allow Lewrie to form a small squadron and style himself a commodore. He is to scour the shores of Cuba and Spanish Florida in search of French and Spanish privateers that have been taking British merchantmen at an appalling rate, and call upon neutral American seaports to determine if privateers are getting aid and comfort from that quarter.

The mission will put Lewrie in touch with old friends, old foes, and more frustration than a dog has fleas. As usual, though, Captain Alan Lewrie will find his own unique way to fulfill his duties, and in the doing, find some fun in his own irrepressible manner!

Reefs and Shoals marks the eighteenth adventure in Dewey Lambdin's acclaimed naval series.



To Captain Alan Lewrie's lights, no place was better on such a cold day than to be snug in a warm, soft bed with a toasty-warm woman. A well-stoked fireplace ablaze with a heap of sea-coal, and a brass reflector plate...


Praise for Reefs and Shoals

“Check the log, shipmate: Dewey Lambdin has left Alexander Kent and C.S. Forester hull-down in an ocean of words and is closing on Patrick O'Brian as the most prolific historical novelist to celebrate a Royal Navy mariner during the age of sail.” —Washington Times

“Lewrie's a worthy shipmate for Aubrey and Hornblower.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Lambdin succeeds with high-seas action, bravado, and Lewrie's characteristic antics, putting himself in good company with Julian Stockwin and Seth Hunter as worthy successors to the popular 18th- and 19th-century naval adventures of Forester, Kent, and Pope. ... Lewrie is a delightfully randy and irreverent character, the perfect man to walk the quarterdeck of a Royal Navy frigate.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“A hugely entertaining naval adventure (á la Forester and O'Brian) with a different kind of protagonist. ... Not merely a worthy entry in the very popular Lewrie series but a top-of-the-line naval adventure that can be thoroughly enjoyed by readers who've never met Captain Lewrie until now.” —Booklist

“Naval adventures in the time of wooden ships and iron men form a distinct literary genre. Nashville novelist Dewey Lambdin has mastered it.” —Chapter 16

“The brilliantly stylish American master of salty-tongued British naval tales.” —Kirkus Reviews on the Alan Lewrie Series

“You could get addicted to this series. Easily.” —The New York Times Book Review on the Alan Lewrie Series

“The best naval adventure series since C. S. Forester.” —Library Journal on the Alan Lewrie Series

“Stunning naval adventure, reeking of powder and mayhem. I wish I had written this series.” —Bernard Cornwell on the Alan Lewrie Series

“Lewrie is a marvelous creation, resourceful and bold.” —James L. Nelson, author of the Revolution at Sea Saga on the Alan Lewrie Series

“Lewrie is an endearing character-hero, philanderer, smuggler, spy: a courageous naval officer unencumbered by high morals or indecision.” —Publishers Weekly on the Alan Lewrie Series

“Dewey Lambdin may well be the best author of Age of Sail fiction currently practicing the art.” —U.S. Naval Institute on the Alan Lewrie Series

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Read the Kirkus Review of REEFS AND SHOALS . Lambdin (The Invasion Year, 2011, etc.) spins another salt-spray-in-the-face sea yarn, a tale of Captain Lewrie in command of the good ship Reliant and in pursuit of privateers. - Kirkus Reviews

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Dewey Lambdin

DEWEY LAMBDIN is the author of seventeen previous Alan Lewrie novels. A member of the U.S. Naval Institute and a Friend of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England, he spends his free time working and sailing. He makes his home in Nashville, TN, but would much prefer Margaritaville or Murrells Inlet.

Dewey Lambdin

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Dewey Lambdin

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