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A History of Paris from the Underground Up

Lorànt Deutsch

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A phenomenal bestseller in France, Metronome presents a fascinating history of Paris through the lens of the city's iconic Metro system

Did you know that the last Gallic warriors massacred by the Romans lie beneath the Eiffel Tower? That the remains of Paris's first cathedral are under a parking lot in the Fifth District? Metronome follows Loránt Deutsch, historian and lifelong Francophile, as he goes on a compelling journey through the ages, treating readers to Paris as they've never seen it before. Using twenty-one stops of the subway system as focal points—one per century—Deutsch shows, from the underground up, the unique, often violent, and always striking events that shaped one of the world's most romanticized city. Readers will find out which streets are hiding incredible historical treasures in plain sight; peer into forgotten nooks and crannies of the City of Lights and learn what used to be there; and discover that, however deeply buried, something always remains.


First Century

Caesar's Cradle

"Aren't you getting off at the next stop?" This question was posed to me in a timid voice by a diminutive lady who had nudged me gently.
The subway car's brakes squealed...


Praise for Metronome

“A delightful read, and one that has opened the history of Paris to thousands of people who would never ordinarily open a history book.” —Stephane Kirkland, author of Paris Reborn

“An entertaining guide, full of anecdotes about the hidden treasures of the capital.” —Livres Hebdo

“Lively and fun, [Metronome tells] the story of the City of Lights in chronological order with little expense.” —Le Figaro Literary

“I loved this book . . . [It] invites you to go and see what remains of Parisian history in the Paris of today.” —Art Souilleurs (5 Stars)

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About the author

Lorànt Deutsch

A comedian and bestselling author in France, LORÁNT DEUTSCH has always had a passion for history and his native Paris. He is the author of Metronome.

Lorànt Deutsch

Lorànt Deutsch

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