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Judge Daniel Brennan is only days away from achieving a seat on the Second Circuit Court of Appeals bench when he’s brutally stabbed to death in his garage. An army of media and law enforcement descend on the case, and thousands of tips pour in from the public. When one tip leads New Jersey policeman Luke Somers to Steven Gallagher, things quickly go wrong, but Luke is instantly glorified for solving the case.

But to one man, Luke is no hero. Chris Gallagher raised his brother, Steven, almost single-handedly, and, certain that Steven is innocent, he won’t rest until he sets the record straight. Thanks to Luke’s newfound fame, he’s an easy man to find, and Chris quickly makes it clear that Luke’s own brother will die if Luke refuses to help clear Steven’s name. So begins Luke’s desperate attempt to find another suspect—any other suspect—in Judge Brennan’s death. But Luke’s investigation might open the door to powerful forces even more dangerous than Chris Gallagher.

From David Rosenfelt, author of the beloved Andy Carpenter series, comes Airtight, a high-octane thriller of murder, revenge, and family loyalty.


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The tabloids called it “The Judge-sicle Murder.”
It was a ridiculous name for an event so horrific and tragic, but it sold newspapers, and generated web hits, so it stuck.
In the immediate aftermath, very little was known and reported in the media, so they compensated by detailing the same facts over and over. Judge Daniel Brennan had attended a charity dinner earlier that evening at the Woodcliff Lakes Hilton. Judge Brennan generally avoided those type of events whenever he could, but in this case felt an obligation.
The Guest of Honor


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"The tension is palpable, and the pages fly by in this riveting stand-alone thriller from the author of the Andy Carpenter mystery series. The voice here is every bit as engaging as in the Carpenter novels, with enough humor to lighten the story without diminishing the suspense. And the ending is a real shocker. Sure to appeal to fans of Harlan Coben and Robert Crais."—Booklist (starred review) on Airtight

“Rosenfelt still weaves a compelling narrative that will stump even the expert Perry Mason fan.” —The Associated Press on Leader of the Pack

“A gripping plot careens around myriad twists and turns, avoiding clichés but keeping the surprises coming. . .Rosenfelt keeps a firm hand on his plot as he escalates the story from a legal thriller to the kind of action adventure that would star Bruce Willis. Despite the infusion of ramped-up action, Heart of a Killer remains a believable, often chilling story with appealing, realistic characters. Rosenfelt also balances this with his trademark dry humor.” —Oline Cogdill, Kansas City Star on Heart of a Killer

“Rosenfelt has crafted another terrific thriller that will keep the reader up late at night.” —Huffington Post on Heart of a Killer

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  • DAVID ROSENFELT is the Edgar and Shamus Award-nominated author of five stand-alones and ten previous Andy Carpenter novels, most recently Leader of the Pack. He and his wife live in Maine with the twenty-seven golden retrievers that they’ve rescued.






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