Grave Doubts

Andrew Fenwick must stop a serial killer in Elizabeth Corley's Grave Doubts, a thrilling and unputdownable mystery filled with chilling clues, deadly twists, and taut psychological suspense.

Viciously attacked by a serial rapist, intent on murder, Sergeant Louise Nightingale is recovering from her ordeal, relieved that the psychopath has been put behind bars for a very long time. Escaping to a remote family home for a well-earned rest, she is unaware that her nightmare has only just begun. When a nameless, faceless terror starts stalking the country, her colleague, Detective Chief Inspector Andrew Fenwick, questions whether or not they have the right man. Leaving a trail of bodies in his wake, the killer soon makes clear his ultimate goal—Nightingale--and he will not rest until he can exact his cruel and calculated revenge. Desperately trying to reach her before the killer does, DCI Andrew Fenwick wonders if her continued silence means he is already too late in this electrifying, pulse-pounding psychological suspense novel from the author of Requiem Mass. With a captivating plot that races through switchbacks and hairpin turns, this is a book you won’t dare put down.

“Sergeant Louise Nightingale is a fully rounded and interesting heroine… There are elements of the Gothic here, and of romance, but both those elements and the ever increasing body count are described with great subtlety. The detection element is cleverly done and the story genuinely exciting.” --Literary Review


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The barrister for the defense leaned forward, his nose as sharp as his tone, his wig knocked askew in the passion of his assault. Nightingale tried to form a sensible reply but her mind froze. All she could remember were her mother’s remarks uttered in response to some school-age failure: “Fancy forgetting your lines. Your brother would never have let us down like that.”

The memory robbed her of confidence and she felt sweat dampen her blouse beneath her suit. She breathed deeply and pressed her fingers hard against



Praise for Grave Doubts

Praise for Grave Doubts
“Terrific… Corley is an accomplished genre veteran skilled at developing full-bodied, realistic characters, but she is also a master at creating mood and generating suspense. Readers who enjoy Michael Connelly’s or Peter Robinson’s finely written police procedurals set around older men with personal and professional problems should also enjoy Corley’s series starring the beleaguered Fenwick.” –Booklist, starred review

“Engaging… Fans of Elizabeth George should enjoy this instalment, which expends as much effort on personal relationships as the investigative process.” –Publishers Weekly

“A meticulously plotted novel that is deeply unsettling almost to the final climax.” --The Scotsman

“If you fancy a thrill-packed suspense story that will have you burning the midnight oil to find out what happens next, then this is the one for you.” --Peterborough Evening Telegraph

“Sergeant Louise Nightingale is a fully rounded and interesting heroine who, I hope, will appear in many more books. There are elements of the Gothic here, and of romance, but both those elements and the ever increasing body count are described with great subtlety. The detection element is cleverly done and the story genuinely exciting.” --Literary Review

“A chilling and disturbing journey. This book gets it right by avoiding the usual blood fest and using suspense to the maximum effect. Corley creates a full and compelling picture of major characters [and] the climax genuinely left me guessing what was going to happen.” –Shots Magazine

“A stunning often brutal thriller … keeping one on the edge of the chair and turning pages with alacrity …one of the best books I have read for a while. Very highly recommended.” --Mystery Women

“An excellent and gripping read, highly recommended for those not of a nervous disposition.” --Tangled Web

“From the outset, this disturbing crime thriller grabs you and doesn’t let go… Chilling.” --South Wales Argus
Praise for Requiem Mass
“Compelling…The finale, reminiscent of The Day of the Jackal, ratchets up the suspense and brings new meaning to the word stalking.” –Publishers Weekly, starred review
“These characters are well drawn, especially Fenwick, and even the killer avoids cliché. Boasting a very tense, superb ending, this second in a gritty new series (following Fatal Legacy, 2001) shows tremendous promise and is sure to appeal to fans of Tana French, Benjamin Black, and Tess Gerritsen.” --Booklist
"This must surely win an award for first novel. The start is as electrifying as any I have come across and even after that it bowls along at a terrific pace. It promises a great future." --Coventry Evening Telegraph
"Gripping...look out for the second in the series." –Shots Magazine
"A fine mystery novel in the tradition of Colin Dexter's Inspector Morse mysteries." --South Wales Argus
"A really interesting motive powers a forceful novel...atmospheric...deeply layered...clearly written."--The Poisoned Pen
"Ingenious, pacy, with well-drawn characters, this is a promising debut."--Sunday Mercury
“This disturbing crime thriller grabs you and doesn't let go... Chilling.” –Bookshelf

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  • Elizabeth Corley

  • ELIZABETH CORLEY was born and brought up in West Sussex. She manages to balance her passion for crime-writing with a successful position as Chief Executive for a global investment company, dividing her time between London, UK; Germany; and France.

  • Elizabeth Corley





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