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Out of Warranty

Out of Warranty

A Novel

Haywood Smith

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If you've ever struggled with a health insurance claim, you'll love Haywood Smith's witty send-up of the health insurance industry, the drug companies, the medical profession, and falling apart ten years before Medicare. From the beloved author of The Red Hat Club and Wife-in-Law, Out of Warranty is a witty story of two lonely misfits who find exactly what they need in the most unlikely of situations, with a bonus of humor and heart.

"If you have anything weird wrong with you in this country, you'd better be Canadian."

So says widowed Cassie Jones when, after being written off by countless doctors, she finally finds one who diagnoses her with a rare genetic form of arthritis. The condition is manageable, but not curable, and a new diagnosis, so her health insurance refuses to pay for most of her expensive medications and treatment. So widowed Cassie, still grieving for the love of her life and facing destitution because of her medical bills, decides she has to remarry for better health coverage. Enter one-legged hermit and curmudgeon Jack Wilson, on the same appointment schedule at their specialist's, who's rude and obnoxious, but eventually tries to help by setting up e-dating for Cassie. After a hilarious round of fix-ups and e-dating, Cassie's left with no hope and no prospects.

That's when Jack offers a strictly business marriage that could solve both their problems, with a serious set of house rules, including separate bedrooms. How well it will work remains to be seen.
With her trademark humor and sass, Haywood brings these two characters to life in an unlikely grown-up relationship that transcends their medical problems and will leave readers smiling long after the last page is turned.




A fresh stab of loneliness sharded through me as I looked into my ten-times magnifying makeup mirror-of-the-awful-truth, trying to erase the ravages of grief with concealer for yet another day.
Old. I...


Praise for Out of Warranty

“Full of laughter and hope, Smith's newest story of strength and friendship is sure to please fans and new readers alike.” —Booklist on Out of Warranty

“A laugh-out-loud novel.” —Night Owl Reviews on Out of Warranty

“Whether this is a marriage made in hell or heaven depends on whether they can stick to the long list of rules and whether they can admit their growing fondness. In Smith's sure hands, this funny tale of unlovable misfits is a gentle, romantic surprise.” —Kirkus Reviews on Out of Warranty

“Smith . . . once again proves herself a devoted champion of middle-aged women who confront and overcome devastating domestic situations.” —Booklist on Wife-In-Law

“As usual, Smith deftly evokes strong women becoming stronger as they face heartbreak and loss.” —Richmond Times-Dispatch on Wife-in-Law

“Smith's zesty read-in-one-sitting romp promises to delight loyal fans and garner new ones.” —Booklist on Waking Up in Dixie

“Smith gives readers a lovely comedy with poise.” —Publishers Weekly on Ladies of the Lake

“Haywood Smith knows what the readers want, and doesn't hold back.” —A Romance Review on Ladies of the Lake

“Smith's fizzy exploration of enduring friendship and family signals more changes ahead for Georgia, her family and the red hat matrons. Fans of the series will enjoy and look forward to the next.” —Publishers Weekly on Wedding Belles

“An engaging ode to the lasting bonds of southern sisterhood and life-begins-at-50 optimism.” —Kirkus Reviews on The Red Hat Club Rides Again

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Can a middle-age woman with a chronic fungal condition find love, or at least decent medical coverage? She might find both in this unlikely winner from the best-selling Haywood Smith. - Kirkus Reviews

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Haywood Smith

HAYWOOD SMITH is The New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Waking Up In Dixie, Ladies of the Lake, Wedding Belles, Red Hat Club, The Red Hat Club Rides Again, and The Queen Bee of Mimosa Branch.

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