The Amazing Harvey

A Mystery

Don Passman

Minotaur Books

Struggling magician Harvey Kendall is suspected of a murder he could not have committed, and he must now use his talents to pull off the greatest escape of his career, in a novel by Don Passman

On the brink of stardom, struggling magician Harvey Kendall is fingered in a vicious murder when his DNA is found on the victim, placing him at the scene of the crime. With one unexpected twist and turn after another, readers are left on the edge of their seats wondering just what is trick and what is truth in the life of this man with a cutting (and often hilarious) sarcastic wit and smart-alec style.

Because of Harvey’s background in illusion, he’s a natural sleuth, noticing things that are often overlooked by everyone else. Knowing full well he is innocent, Harvey sets out on a dangerous path to vindicate himself and find the real killer before the case turns into a disappearing act from which he will never return.

In a race against the clock, Harvey must prove his innocence by convincing everyone what exactly is truth and what is pure illusion in what will be the greatest escape act in the life and career of The Amazing Harvey.


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When I drove my battered green Toyota into a parking space marked SUBSTITUTE TEACHER, the woman getting out of the next car raised her eyebrows. It was probably my black jacket with sequins on the lapel. Could’ve been my red tie with the yellow shooting stars. Maybe the white cockatiel perched on my shoulder.
I felt the woman’s eyes on me as I turned off the ignition. My car shuddered as the engine shut down. I leaned over to the passenger seat and pawed through the mess of papers, crinkling the fast-food wrappers as I threw them on the flo


Praise for The Amazing Harvey

Praise for The Amazing Harvey:

The Amazing Harvey moves along at a fast and funny clip."
Orange Count Register

"A great character who sees humor in almost everything."

"Stand in line and be ready to laugh."
—Beverly Hills Courier

“Don Passman’s entertaining third novel reflects his lifelong interest in magic. It informs the entire novel, from the realistic way he describes Harvey’s lifestyle and showmanship to the very fact that the book itself is a carefully constructed mystery—Passman creates a literary illusion, showing you all you need to know, while still maintaining an element of surprise, a final flourish that pays off handsomely. In between, readers are kept entertained by the presence of Harvey himself, the strangest blend of confidence and insecurity you may ever encounter. He’s a true everyman, and very relatable—his only advantages over normal folks are his sarcastic sense of humor, and his ability to see a crime scene through the eyes of a professional magician, spotting clues that those not used to concealing secrets for a living would likely overlook.”
Mystery Scene

“Harvey's wit and sarcasm makes him a fun "detective" to follow along on the case. The stage magician plots of the story are fun too. The chemistry between Harvey and Heather makes the reader yearn for a romance between the two of them too. I really hope this isn't the last case for Harvey.”
Parkersburg News & Sentinel

“Harvey's a poor schnook, but determined. As a protagonist, he's entertaining and believable; readers will find it easy to root for him. The magicians' world is interesting, and the story moves briskly, delivering on its promise…[with] characters that bounce right off the page.”
Contra Costa Times

“But what the book reminded me of more than anything were the old hard boiled gumshoe novels, like Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett. Harvey has all the trappings of a noir-hero: he’s the guy who’s wrongly accused, he has major money problems, he’s great with the patter, and the whole thing takes place in the glaring sun of Los Angeles. But Passman makes use of the tropes, instead of being trapped by them. He takes the dark cynicism of Noir and turns it around to something funny and clever, something with a little more levity, but never turning all the way to silly.”

“A fascinating milieu as well as characters to root for…All the characters are fully developed, speak in their own voices and lend credibility while propelling the high-stakes, compelling plot forward.”
—Reviewing the Evidence.com

"The quick-witted and endearing Harvey is a good counterbalance for the serious and driven Hannah, an effective team who will hopefully reappear in a sequel."
—Stop, You're Killing Me!.com

“By striking a careful balance between humor and tension, Passman puts a fresh spin on the familiar setup of a man unjustly accused of a crime trying to prove his innocence.”
Publishers Weekly

“Passman launches a new series starring a sleuthing magician whose greatest trick ever might just be releasing himself from a murder rap.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Every great mystery has a murder. But none of them have a magician-moonlighting-as-a-substitute-teacher who wears his sequined jacket to solve the case. The Amazing Harvey is just like The Amazing Passman: a gifted magician destined to entertain.”
—Brad Meltzer, bestselling author of The First Counsel and The Millionaires

The Amazing Harvey is an absolutely refreshing suspense novel and I have to say one of the most ingenious who-done-its I have read in a long time. The dialogue in it is sharp and carries at times a cutting touch of humor which adds to the intrigue of the characters. […] Talk about a Hitchcock twist, Harvey’s story has it and I congratulate Passman on a brilliant presentation.

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  • With a lifelong interest in magic, DON PASSMAN is listed as one of the best attorneys in the country. He is a graduate of Harvard Law School and practices with the Los Angeles firm of Gang, Tyre, Ramer & Brown, specializing in the music business. He is the author of the nonfiction bestseller, All You Need to Know About the Music Business, and two novels, The Visionary and Mirage.

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