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The Art of Noise

The Art of Noise

Conversations with Great Songwriters

Daniel Rachel

St. Martin's Griffin



Trade Paperback



And just when I wanted no one to be there / All of my friends were there / Not just my friends / But their best friends too.

Behind Ray Davies is the celebrated British music hall tradition: an era of song,...


Praise for The Art of Noise

“Rachel's brilliant tome is as far from the snotty, gossipy stereotype of music journalism as it's possible to get....His style is respectful (he writes generously about parts of the careers of Sting and Oasis that many would consider best forgotten) but never bland. Instead, the introductions and the questions that follow reveal real insight....It's one hell of a look back.” —The Guardian

“Uniformly interesting...A splendid treat for music aficionados.” —Kirkus Reviews

“These are fans notes that will appeal to those obsessive about the details of songwriting.” —Publishers Weekly

“This is without doubt the finest book I've ever read about songwriters and the songs they write. Fantastic, insightful interviews. I remember being interviewed for it at the time and thinking, 'I wish all interviews were like this.' ” —Noel Gallagher

“A great set of questions. I'm proud to be a part of this project.” —Ray Davies

“Rachel is a really intelligent, clued-up, and musically astute interviewer and his book is worth more than its hefty weight.” —Daily Sport (UK)

“Impeccably researched, thoughtful, and well-angled…ART OF NOISE is an insightful read. Rachel gains the confidence of his subject and, in doing so, hundreds of engaging thoughts on individual process emerge, amounting to the essential word on classic British songwriting.” —Mouth Magazine

“Daniel Rachel's ART OF NOISE (St. Martin's Griffin) is made for sipping slowly…Rachel has an insider's advantage and his shrewd questions draw fascinating insights from reliably analytical characters.” —Dorian Lynskey, The Guardian

“Rachel's interviews are enthralling and vivid. Our senses are excited, our consciousness heightened and our mind's utterly captivated…Rachel has delivered a true moment of glory with this Bible for music fans.” —J. Rodger, Balthazar Review

“Rachel's questioning is sharp and well informed…It's a fascinating read that any musician or songwriter would find both helpful and thought-provoking, as would anyone with an interest in pop culture. After reading the interviews I guarantee you will listen to these artists with fresh ears, renewed interest and fresh appreciation. A remarkable achievement.” —Duncan Fletcher, Subba Cultcha

“The interviews…are as in-depth as you could possibly hope for…ART OF NOISE is an outstanding book that will appeal to all kinds of discerning music lovers – and to songwriters of all persuasions.” —Russell Deeks, Songwriting

“A superb new book…Rachel has managed to bring together a truly impressive ensemble of British tunesmiths…The results are hugely enjoyable.” —Thomas McGrath, Dangerous Minds

“Documenting fifty years of British songwriting through unique personal insights and an impressive wealth of knowledge, this is a beautiful book.” —Emma Parlons, Life of Yablon

“Rarely has this thought-provoking subject been tackled in such an engaging and insightful way.” —Jocks and Nerds Review

“ART OF NOISE offers a fascinating glimpse into the mind of a songwriter.” —Campbell Miller, The List

“What a collection…it's absolutely fantastic.” —Janice Long, BBC RADIO 2

“A fascinating book.” —Miranda Sawyer, LOOSE ENDS BBC RADIO 4

“Never less than illuminating.” —Belfast Telegraph

“It's a fascinating insight into songwriting.” —Robert Elms, BBC LONDON

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About the author

Daniel Rachel

Daniel Rachel was born in England the summer before The Beatles announced their break-up. He wrote his first song when he was sixteen and was the lead-singer of Rachels Basement, which he formed in his early twenties. In 2001, he released his debut solo album, A Simple Twist Of Folk, on Dust Records, followed in 2006 by A Taste Of Money. Daniel is a specialist in Forum Theatre direction and lives in north London with his partner and three children. The Art of Noise is his first book.

Daniel Rachel

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