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Darkness, Sing Me a Song

Darkness, Sing Me a Song

A Holland Taylor Mystery

Holland Taylor (Volume 4)

David Housewright

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David Housewright’s Edgar Award-winning Holland Taylor series returns with a case of murder resulting from tragic, twisted drama in an extremely wealthy family in Darkness, Sing Me a Song.

Holland Taylor is a PI who does simple background checks and other mostly unchallenging cases. Still wounded by the long-ago death of his wife and daughter, and newly mourning a recently failed relationship, Taylor doesn’t have much interest in more challenging work. But almost by accident, he finds himself in the middle of the crime of the century.

Eleanor Barrington, the doyenne of a socially prominent family of great wealth, has been arrested for the murder of Emily Denys, her son’s fiancée. Barrington made no secret of her disdain for the victim, convinced that she was trying to take advantage of her son and her family.

Taylor had been brought in to do a full background check on Emily, only to discover that both her name and her background were fabricated. Before he could learn more, she was murdered—shot in the head outside her apartment.

Barrington had been overheard threatening to kill her son’s fiancé and an eyewitness claims to have seen her kill Emily. But that’s not the worst of it. Barrington’s own son has even worse accusations to make against her.

Caught in the dark tangle of a twisted family and haunted by his own past, Taylor finds that the truth is both elusive and dangerous.



She was tall, slender, impeccably tanned; strawberry hair fell in waves to her shoulders. I knew she was older than fifty years, yet she could easily have passed for forty and probably did. Possibly she’d had work...


Praise for Darkness, Sing Me a Song

"Fans of the first three Taylor novels who have been longing for a fourth will be in seventh heaven, and this is also a perfect occasion for new readers to make the acquaintance of a smart, tough PI in the grand hard-boiled tradition."Booklist

"In Edgar-winner Housewright’s welcome fourth outing for St. Paul, Minn., PI Holland Taylor, last seen in 1999’s Dearly Departed...The knots are many and messy, and Holland shows he has the wit and character to untangle them." Publishers Weekly

"Housewright (Unidentified Woman #15, 2015, etc.) resurrects an appealingly troubled, self-tormenting hero." —Kirkus Reviews

About the author

David Housewright

DAVID HOUSEWRIGHT has won the Edgar Award for his first Holland Taylor crime novel (Penance) and is the three-time winner of the Minnesota Book Award for his crime fiction. In addition to the Holland Taylor series, he is also the author of several novels featuring Rushmore McKenzie. He is the past president of the Private Eye Writers of America (PWA). He lives in St. Paul, Minnesota.

David Housewright

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